Since games can be played on XBOX via edge browser, is this possible with AOE IV?

Has anyone attempted this yet?

My laptop bought last year, plays AOE3 good, but IV will be a struggle.

This is only possible with streamable games so it will only be possible if AOE4 is being released on a streaming service which I don’t think it is?

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Age of Empires 4 is not an Xbox game.
Only Xbox games can be played on XCloud.

I don’t know of any other streaming service that has the game.

It has nothing to do with Steam. Steam doesn’t offer this service for any game.

But I’m sure if your laptop runs AoE3 it will have no problem running AoE4.
AoE4 has lower hardware requirements for the most parts.

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Ah, Maybe Im looking at the beta version which was running in low res, Will buy the game and see, cant wait to build those farms I get carried awar with :smiley:

You may be able to play it on your laptop by leveraging GeForce Now cloud gaming service.