Steam not running Age of Mythology anymore

Game Version: Age of Mythology With the dragon pack

  • Build ((####)) It’s steam its always up to date.


Mine I just noticed has started doing that. I have done everything I can find on google about trying to fix it and nothing works.

I did notice when I kept calling disco tree shadows. (The shadows of the trees looked like they were dancing or welAnotherckering.) In the last area of the quests but still, nothing works. Other Steam game I have works but not this one sadly.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Made a new windows account (Didn’t work)
  2. windows mode from 0 to 1 (Didn’t work.)
  3. Uninstalled game reinstalled game. (Didn’t work)
  4. Reinstalled Steam (Didn’t work)
  5. Fixed graphic settings for the game (Didn’t work)
  6. Changed the refresh rate of the screen (Didn’t work)
  7. Cd Rom version of Age of Mythology (Stuck in windows mode oddly for my computer)
  8. Made sure windows were up to date.

I do have a windows 11 computer FYI.

Ok so… this could be the moment for a Definitive Edition, right? :thinking:

Seems to be. Since i posted about this on windows and someone agreed with me since i finally got my cd rom version to work right as in full screen. That to them seems to be a problem with steam.