Steam or microsoft store is faster?


I get the game on Microsoft Store and it’s quite hard to find mod game with less than 8/8 players.
I refresh all the time and when a game is display on lobby browser it’s already 8/8…
And when I hosted, no one join in the first 5 minutes (or 10) and in less than a minute the room is full.

Do I have to migrate to steam to don’t have the issue ?

The problem with Microsoft Store is that the game shows the Xbox logo in front of your name, so players could mistake you as a console player. Imo, Steam is definitely the better choice here if you’re playing on PC


Having the game in Steam or the Microsoft Store has nothing to do with that.

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It doesn’t matter for matchmaking, but Steam works better, looks better, and has more games on it so I’d just go for Steam.


Steam is just the better platform. That is why you should use Steam. In terms of speed is shouldnt matter.

I think you should use different icons for it!

It already happened before xbox.

Steam is seen as more skill full players, while xbox is seen as noob. Probably both statements are correlated, but is also wrong in many occasions. Still people think this way.

If Steam is viewed as more skillful that doesn’t explain why I suck.

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I once nearly got booted from an unranked lobby, when I got saved at the last minute by a player vouching for me. This was when AOE4 was coming out, and a lot of people were using gamepass to try out AOE2. The host told me at the time that gamepass led to the impression that Microsoft players were less skilled and reliable because they did not have a skin in the game. My copies are purchases from the store and are fine. I fear that if you highlighted the gamepass, it would be deleterious to the experiences of those players, so I have no good solution rather than just play with who you get.

Migrating to Steam may provide more mod game options and a larger player base, potentially reducing the issue you’re facing on the Microsoft Store version. Steam often has a more active modding community and a broader player pool for certain games.

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No seriously why do you @lilyjullet talk so fake?


The average level of players on Steam is seen higher because most pros are using Steam.

Generally the Steam version is better. There is a beta you can opt into for “update previews” that are available only on Steam. Which means new campaigns and various content is playable on Steam before it comes to the MS Store version. And there are various mods or tools such as CaptureAge that work only on Steam.

But that doesn’t seem to be OP’s issue. Reading the post, it feels like the issue that was widely reported around when the Xbox version was released that lobbies aren’t showing up in the lobby list immediately. I had thought this was fixed, but maybe it’s still broken in some cases.

Well, for me purchasing games on Steam helps me to keep my games in a reliable library all-in-one.
I also, Forget my Microsoft password a lot, and its store isn’t that friendly to use.
Therefore, keeping all games on one platform is certainly better and Steam does not consume a lot of FPS like Xbox Game Bar.