Steam Pre-Order Issue

I’m not sure if this has been posted before, but I’m trying to pre-order AoE IV and I get an error in the steam shop saying "Your transaction failed because you are trying o buy ‘Age of Empires IV (Pre-Order)’ which requires ownership of ‘Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’. Please correct the error and try again.

Is this working as intended? Do I really need to buy AoE II: DE to be able to pre-order AoE IV?

Same here. Waiting for response. I want to pre-order and don’t care about AoE II DE.

For more info, I attempted to preorder the regular, 60$ version, not deluxe. I do own AoE II HD.

Same here, I was pumped to get all my pre orders ready today. I will have Bf2042, B4B, and i wanted to top it of with AOE but i have no intention to re purchase the second game.

Just a guess but could this be because AOE4 pre-order gives you Lord’s of the West for AOE2DE free?

I bought the game on a cdkey site so i can pre order =( oh well

It’s probably because you get the DLC for AoE 2 de Lords of the West , when you preorder aoe 4 and it is confusing the system because you don’t own aoe 2 de which is required for Lords of the West

I know why it’s doing it. I’m posting because it’s stupid and needs fixed lmao.

They’ve taken down the ‘free DLC’ offer for pre-ordering 4.

Too bad, I had decided to do that but apparently that deal is gone.

Resolved for me. They removed it; probably will reinstate.