Steam Steam Updates for AoE: "Scheduled for Tomorrow." Why not now?

AoE:DE (and I think AoE2:DE has done it before) is the only game I’ve ever owned on Steam that queues patch updates for future dates/times rather than starting the download as soon as I fire up Steam.

  • Why is Steam queuing AoE for a future date (and for around 3:30am, at that, when I know my PC will be powered off), rather than just downloading automatically right now like every other Steam game I own does? I have only seen this behavior with Age of Empires:DE (and I think maybe AoE2:DE last month).

I now see there’s an icon in Steam next to the ‘scheduled for tomorrow’ note that I can click to ‘download now’, but its visual is an up-arrow icon… which is counter-intuitive to me; normally, an icon pointing upward is for ‘uploading;’ down-arrows I believe almost universally means ‘download.’

  • So, I didn’t think to click it a month ago when this same thing happened before, and I didn’t think to click it (or hover over it to read its ALT text) today until just now on a whim… which, thankfully, made it download now.

I’ve looked through all the Steam settings and don’t see any way to specify my preferences regarding this. What causes it to queue? Is it a Microsoft or AoE thing?

Hi @Darkness01101, This has to do with how Steam handles certain game updates. If everyone around the world downloaded game updates as soon as they go live it would put a lot of stress on the Steam servers. By scheduling game updates Steam is able to more evenly distribute the load on their servers.


And now you mention something that MS store does way better than Steam. :smiley:

How does MS Store do it?

Thanks, RadiatingBlade!

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Good question. Through delivery optimisation mainly for consumers. It heavily uses their cloud of course, but also uses peer-to-peer functionality embedded in the Windows 10 operating system for delivering updates through BITS from other systems in your network or on the internet as close as possible.


You’re welcome. I see @PCS70 answered your question about how the Microsoft Store handles updates. For both stores, if you aren’t planning on playing the game at the moment, allow the game to update on a schedule and if you want to play now and need the update feel free to manually push the update.

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I see. Makes sense! Seems odd, though, that I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever seen this with Age of Empires DE games, but it’s okay. Those are my newest games so that may be a factor; or it’s just coincidence. Perhaps Steam is planning to do this more and more as time goes on…

Either way, no worries, and thanks again!

It heavily uses their cloud of course, but also uses peer-to-peer functionality embedded in the Windows 10 i think it dindt work for more help #########################################

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