Steam Updates > Microsoft Store Updates?

It seems that I have to manually update all of the patches from the Microsoft Store…

I’m currently updating a 10 GB patch that I had to search for…My store settings are on Auto-update and there are no patch notes.

It seems like Steam has all of these abilities and provides patch notes?

Hence: Are Steam Updates > Microsoft Store Updates?

Sometimes you also have to manually force the update download at Steam games, as Steam can schedule these downloads to later periods from when the update arrives.

But what it seems to be on MS you need to always check yourself? The official posts about updates always recommend to manually force the update on both platforms.


I’m glad you responded to information in my thread that is helpful. Luckily The devs are on the same thought train… as they just posted this information the day before I posted.

The MS Store Patch System is absolute garbage !
it always updates the whole game … not only the case in AOE and u have huge downloads !
There is a good reason why MS is publishing it on Steam !
Because nearly everyone hate MS Store !