Steam vs Xbox Game Pass

Just wondering what everyone’s opinions are on which one to purchase. If the Devs plan on making many after developments, isn’t that an incentive to not buy Xbox Game pass? With Steam, you purchase a one off payment, albeit it is quite high, but any upgrades and everything after that is practically free. Unless they release continuous paid DLC packs.

However in Xbox Gamepass, you are continuously paying until they deliver everything? Or until mods give people what they are wanting. So it would be in the best interest of the Devs to release as complete game as possible requiring as little updates in the future to get everyone to go on Xbox gamepass and continuously pay subscription. For people who are happy for the way it is, I guess it’s fine because they get the game at cheaper. But if someone has a problem with zoom level for example, and the update for zoom is in the after launch, then the person is kinda paying in limbo till it arrives.

Especially if certain features are actually not included at launch and will come much later like ranked? If that isn’t a rumour.

There is no difference between the game on XBOX PC Gamepass and the one on Steam. When new updates drop, they will be available for both, at the same time. Every other game on Gamepass, EAplay, Uplay, Steam, etc works like this. Well maaaybe except GoG, since they can have a standalone Non-DRM installer for some games, which would require an update patch to update, but that is well off-topic.

Your worry is not a real thing that can happen. The only content that could change from one version to another is DLC.


Sorry if I wrote it wrong, I didn’t mean to say the updates would be different at different times.

I meant that with Steam you pay $60 US ($90 AUD) and you own the game. No further payments. With Xbox Gamepass, you pay $10 per month. Say the dev’s took a few months to release things. Or even a year to release needed updates . You’d be paying up to $120 while waiting for all the updates. While in Steam, you don’t pay more than the initial purchase price. Unless they give all updates as purchasable DLC’s. So possibly you could end up paying more for the game than outright owning Steam?

Ah, sure, if you only want AoE IV, then buying it (on Steam or Xbox) as a one-time purchase is the way to go.

But, speaking for myself, I like to play a lot of different games and Gamepass has a pretty extensive library of games. So waiting for AoE IV updates is really not gonna be an issue for me imo.


Yeah that definitely makes sense. It’s just it is assumed that the reason why the price is so high on steam is because they are trying to get everyone to get on gamepass. Which makes no sense because if people were only going on gamepass for AOE IV, then it is actually more expensive in the long run. However if people were going on gamepass to play more than just AOE IV, then it makes total sense and would probably be worth it then. But then usually that would be people already on gamepass who would play on gamepass. For others, unless you thought “I want to play more than AOE IV, and if it is on gamepass then maybe i’ll try it out.” then it wouldn’t be much of an incentive. Wouldn’t it just scare people away?

It’s like getting a netflix subscription instead of buying a CD set of a show. Yes you do end up paying a lot more in the long run but you have access to tons of other content.

It’s a matter of personal decision really.


Yeh true. But like Aussie Drongo was suspecting, it’s like they over priced the “CD” in order for people to get onto netflix and watch the “show” there. But if people are not interested in spending so much money on it, then wouldn’t that just put them off entirely? Like for those who only would join netflix to watch that particular show.

Yeah this is the thing about it, Microsoft gets money regardless. I think atm they have like 23 million subscribers?

It’s a safe investment as at best they get more subscribers and at worst they don’t lose any because there are tons of other games those people already got the pass for.

And if the game does well we are guaranteed a good population of players as anyone on the games pass can just pick it up and play it.

Yeh i see the logic behind it. Though I reckon if they reduced the price on steam, you’d attract a lot more people and the game would probably take off more. Which would be more profitable in the long run. And it would be better for the game as well as more people mean more playerbase. Allowing the devs to work with AOE IV so much more. Unless their target is those people who would get xbox gamepass just to try it out for a couple of months and then stop playing. Because no one would want to spend $60-90 just to try it out.

They are kinda hoping steam users will switch over and use their service however.
Games come and go from access with the games pass (it changes seasonally).
You can still buy the game at their store but they offer a discount. So you can pay like 10$ to play the game for an entire month before you decide to commit and get the game. And then you are offered like a 20% discount.

Whereas on Steam you can’t really try out the game as thoroughly before committing. (you only get 2 hours to decide if you want a refund)


okay that is pretty good. but what about if new content was released afterwards, you’d need Xbox game pass to first purchase and/or download the extra content? Or do they provide the option for non-Gamepass members who previously bought the game? Or would people re subscribe and unsubscribe each time new content for the game is released?

or play for one month, wait for update and sales. Imagine ur face when “update” came in 1 year and u could buy game on sales. First try for Xbox pass is about 1$.

Everyone decide for themselves, but when u buying game u should gat features u wanted to use, but now u can “try”.

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It’s a funny post if you check lastest update for steam and xbox game pass :slight_smile:
Steam updates works fine, for xbox game we can see a mount of problems like with language pack