Steam & Xbox Achievements Out of Sync

Ever since the new achievements were released, they are not syncing from Steam to Xbox. I currently have 65/109 achievements unlocked on Steam, but only 62/109 on Xbox.

Please see attached screenshots.

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Thank you for reporting @Yin4500! The team will investigate.


@Yin4500 did you find out anything new? I’m sorry to dig this thread up, but apparently nothing happened dev-side, cause I got the same issue.

The team is continuing to investigate this one. Upon initial investigation, it looks like achievements appear out of sync when initially linking accounts. However, when a new achievement is gained on the Win Store, the achievements may sync up.

Do you know if this matches your experience @Yin4500 or @SuDoDmz?

I still have this issue. Steam achievements work, but do not sync to Xbox.