Stepp Lancer with discount for HUNS?

It kinda bothers me, that Huns still have no access to the Stepp Lancers. I know the unit is not in the best state, but I would still love to see them in the techtree of the Huns. Cumans (speed, production speed), Mongols (HP) and Tatars (+1/+1) all have a specific bonus for the Stepp Lancers. If Huns get the unit, we could apply the Civ Bonus discount (-10% Castle, -20% Imp) to Cav Archers and Stepp Lancers. They will also benefit from the faster working stables, which is also nice.


I don’t think adding a 4th type of melee cavalry will add anything useful to the civ. While the civ definitely has massive gaping holes in its tech tree, the lack of cavalry is definitely not it.

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Because Stepp Lancers are in a terrible state right now. For me it would make a lot of sense for a cav orientated civ like the Huns. Look at Tatars, they have 5 Melee Cavalry options.

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And for Tatars I’d say 4 of them are viable: knights immediately in castle age to raid, hussars as meatshield for HCA in imp, camels to counter knight civs and keshik as lategame heavy cav because they are cheaper and better cavaliers.
Step lancer however isn’t fulfilling any of those roles. The unit design is just crap.


The thing is tho, that cav archers where seen as trash before they got buffed (they also worked for our Lord daut). no civ would make them in 1v1s except Huns because they are cheaper and so they can mass them easier. Same can go with the Lancers. They also have some similarities, for example both unit types are more effective if you mass them which again can be achieved due to a discount.
And tbh, i think that at some point, the devs will buff them, otherwise it would not made any sense to add them to the game in the first place.

I wouldn’t mind to give huns SL, since it would be historically accurate, but I don’t think that they’ll need a bonus for them.

They would be FU, trained 20% faster, and backed by huns eco, so it would be more than enough for an already powerful civ. Thankfully, since SL aren’t that good unit, they wouldn’t either be a crazy broken buff to the Huns.

steppe lancers are useless… they could be a hit and run cavalry. with the same mechanic as Burgundian UU. Just not as strong. Maybe with small bonus attack against cavalry. and in prolonged fight far weaker than knights. they could be great at sniping vills. But charge attack should be +8/10 not more.
and remove that stupid +1 range.

Huns have been one of the best/better civs for a long time so I think this is a good way to nerv them.

No seriously, if people fall into the stepp lancer trap huns winrate will go down not up from having this extra unit in their roster and training it instead of knights. Even pros are sudpect to this.


By the time Stepparian Lance units were formed (Ghenghis Khan formed the first ones) the Huns were long extinct.

Truth is, Huns with Steppe Lancers makes even less sense than Huns with Paladin, because at least the Paladin is a generic upgrade for the Knight line unit that covers Heavy Cavalry for this game.

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Giving steppe lancers to the Mongols and making them affected by their HP bonus was already quite a mistake since it now makes the SL much harder to buff without making Mongols too good. If more civs get steppe lancers then this issue would become much worse.


Mongols still lack the last cav-armor upgrade tho

But that’s in imp. What about castle age?


true, +18 HP is a lot in castle age

great idea, i m okay with this change. But first steppe lancers need a big buff or no one use it instead of knights

Do you think a weaker Steppe Lancer (no Elite upgrade) that costs 75/80 wood/food could work for the huns?

Wtf is that people requesting Steppe Lancer but no the Elite one? By design, all civs must upgrade to the elite steppe lancer.


i agree with that, it should follow the trend like they did with battle elephants and eagles.

Must be Cumans Camel inspired…

The +1 range is what makes them unique, remove it and they are pointless


the point of hit and run is to pick off unarmored and or small groups of isolated opponents. not overwhelm heavily armored units. making the steppe lancer good against heavy cavalry is just silly. and of course they should be weaker then knights in prolonged fights. one is a heavy cavalry unit and the other is a light cavalry unit.

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