Steppe Lancer civilizations should lose Knights

For sure. I just mentioned it cause you said it increases speed by 50%; which implies 2 stables is 3. It’s actually 2 stables is 4.

Steppe Lancer buff should happen this patch. It would be best if Knights from those civs were removed altoghether though…

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No. It would be very surprising if developers would do this, because this idea has not found support from majority.


To that I shall say…

Lions are never the majority.
Also, a lion in this case, would be a top 10 player, not a forum goer.

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Who? You? :smile:

20 chars


Which you are yourself. :rofl:

Not me, but people like TheViper, Hera and Nili. As I have pointed out MULTIPLE times now…

I always speak out pro issues.

Then give some references to pros saying, that those civilizations should lose knights.


except how often have you seen pros say we should remove knights from SL civs?
or that we should buff Infantry UU?
or that we should reduce the cost of Elephants by 20%?
or that we should completely redesign civs to be balanced around their UU?
or that the Militia line should be buffed?
where have pros ever talked about the state of the turtle ship?
where have you ever seen pros complain about the knights and crossbow meta?
where have you ever seen pros complain about the diversity in the game (as a matter of a fact, i have seen pros talk about diversity. they say the game has never been more diverse/balanced)?

come on parthnan. if you’re going to say you speak for the pros, don’t use it to push your own agenda.
either you speak for the pros on some things, but everything else is your own opinion and the pros shouldn’t be involved or you should provide sources backing up your opinion.


Please give us some references to substantiate your statements.

You can’t just “speak for the pros” without any solid evidence that they actually said that.


Memb, Nili and Hera have all explicitly said multiple times during Match Commentary that SL as they are are basically useless and there is no situation where they would go for them.

TheViper has laughed on the idea of going SL on stream.

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Memb isn’t a pro.
where did they ask to remove knights from SL civs and have SL replace them?



wtf dude, that has nothing to do with losing knights… its like saying “viper never goes karambit, so they should lose 2hs”

even when SL are buffed they will fill different rolls to knights… not even “should:” they WILL FILL different rolls… a saracen camel isnt a knight, they only lost knights otherwise their tech tree would be too open, itdoesnt mean saracens can now use camels to do a knight’s job


I am not so sure of that
If the past has taught us anything about the SL,
it’s either the SL>Knight-Line and everyone goes for SL, or the Knight-Line>SL and everyone go for Knights.

Show me where the pros ask for lancer civs to lose knights.


Which is why I never called myself a “lion”.


or considering that every civ that gets the SL has bonuses that apply to light cav that applies to SL but not knights means they share a role with the Scout line and not the Knight Line.
Mongols Extra health applies to scouts. and SL. but not Knights.
Tatars extra pierce armor applies to scouts and SL. but not knights.
Cumans faster creation tech applies to scouts and SL. but not knights.
its almost like the SL isn’t supposed to be a knight.


Unit Statistics don’t matter, they can be anything
It’s the Frequency of Usage of the Unit in Ranked play that matters. That’s what all those 50 different Unit stats in the Genie Editor boil down to.

and yet you are the one saying its supposed to be a knight when everything says otherwise.

also still waiting for you to show us where the pros asked for SL civs to lose knights, oh wise and mighty speaker of the pros.

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