Still can't see the stats of a tower when units garrisoned inside

From the beta of this game until today the only way to see how much attack does a tower or keep is when it doesn’t have units garrisoned.

Example: if you garrison 3 units on a Wooden Fortress, there is different amount of ranged attack depending if you researched techs inside or not, with arrowslits do 10hp damage, springald 60hp, and units garrisoned inside 2hp-6hp (1-3 possibility). But there also are the “Castle Turret” research tech that after upgrading, the arrows fired by this Wooden Fortress deal 2 extra damage.

So imagine how much are the combinations and the only way to see the damage of each Wooden Fortress is ungarrison units of it because if you select the wooden fortress with units on it you will se nothing on the Ui, just a group of a fortress and the units but you aren’t able to see anything.

Solution: when you left click on a tower, keep, wooden fortress, etc, with units garrisoned inside, click again on that tower in particular on the selection group units window and will show the tower stats window instead of the group selection window.


Hi @ReyNess, This is not a bug. The game was intentionally designed this way and even though there has been feedback from the community for a long time to change this so that stats of a tower are shown when units are garrisoned inside, it unfortunately remains the same.

Yes I agree, this would be very important to have . And it feels like a bug.

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Hi, i know it’s not a bug, but it’s really strange devs didn’t though it. For example with blacksmith tech researches you can see the bonus that units have on armor or attack.

Another option is assign a bind to select only 1 unit instead of that unit with garrisoned units inside. For example control+left click to the tower and you will only see the tower stats instead of garrisoned units.

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welcome to a new strange world of strange rts game. You have plenty more to discover, Wont spoil you,

I am a beta tester, I’m sure I know the game a lot

A horrible intentional design that no one really wanted it in AOE4.