Still no FPS Stability

i guess since they have have made the game much smaller and lot of coding changes, they still need to work on fps stability which i hope will be coming in the future updates. It was way worse during the steam release and the game was unplayable for the most of us. Dm games still have late game fps issues even with stronger pc.

BTW, any of you guys figure out how to lock zoom levels so it does not get resetted everytime the game starts?


Hello, just wanted to know, I like how the game look and flow… some times
I dont know if are just my eyes or my computer or what, I check how much resources are use while playing, and My computer goes way over it… but when units move, the animations some times feel like the famerate drops. I have tried removing all effects, but still get this. and dont know what cause them because some times nothing happen.
I know units slow down and walk fast while on different terrain, but it isnt that.
took a little video where maybe you could see it… is a known issue or is just my stuff?

Also while Im here, Is there a way to remove the blue bars that appear at the top and the bottom when the cursor get close to the borders of the screen?

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This with slow and speed Units is to my knowledge in MP games when they have many laggs. Mabye look it is same with the Fps, I don’t play much SP, I will test it when I can.
The blue bars can’t remove this is from the Xbox app or Microsoft store.

This is probably not linked but on my 1920*1200 PC, opening videos have a very low framerate in full screen only, I noticed same on Starcraft Remastered credits, non full screen modes are not affected.

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