Still no FPS Stability

After latest update claiming ‘optimization fixes’ my game still cannot run on a stable 60 FPS without siezuring about when something moves. I know all about the CPU engine stuff so don’t try lecturing me about it.

Thing is, I recently upgraded to an R3 3300X, and after running AoE2 DE benchmark at a stable 60FPS the whole time (around 20FPS increase from previous CPU), I reckoned my AoE1 DE FPS should have been greatly improved. Sadly though I still receive the same BS FPS.

GPU: GTX 1650 Super
RAM: 26666Htz, 16GB
SSD (or my Asus FX, i forgot and can’t care to check :clown_face: )

Sorry for wasting forum space but Discord is a ‘no go’


I don’t think that stuttering like that is related to the CPU simply because lowering the zoom detail fixes it. The engine just can’t handle those higher res assets you get at 2x-4x zoom for whatever reason and the devs seemingly have no idea how to optimize it.


Yes. Many players related fps drop in late game, specially with many units in screen. I think there should be an option in game settings with worse graphics but better performance.

I think they should make the UHD graphics as a separate DLC like AOE2de

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So it saves space if not using i assume?

This Issue has plagued this game since release and it’s still present for some reason…

It’s interesting that when they played the stream the game always looked like it was running smoothly, I wonder what they did? Edit the game just for the streamers or?

A beta tester (in this video) said that the “secretive” DLC was actually a HD Pack, like that of AoE2:DE.

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Zoom detail in 1x allows for best performance. So yes, having the UHD graphics disabled/not applied actually makes the game more performant.

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■■■■ my fantasy of a new expansion seems gone away T_T

Yeah. But since it’s not been officially confirmed, we’ll have to wait.

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if you are having input lag or stuttering then try limiting your fps to 60 from your main GPU settings (not in game settings) so that your game fps is locked. I had a weird fps problem and after checking by clicking f5 when the game was running, it showed a fps value of 220 + which was too much for my screen to handle. After limiting it from my GPU settings it is running super smooth.

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The developers did not just enter these 2 strings in the last update)

That’s probably something that will be added in the next update. It would work like the Age 2: DE graphics pack