Stone outcropping/gold mine polygons visible on AMD GPUs

I recently switched from an Nvidia RTX 2060 (non-super) to an AMD 6800XT card. Same exact PC otherwise. With the AMD GPU, as you mine out the stone or gold and the outcroppings get smaller, for a few seconds you can see the geometry outlines as white lines.

Here are some zoomed in screenshots:

I see absolutely no glitches in any other game I’ve tried the new card on. Hopefully others with similar generation AMD cards running the latest drivers can confirm this bug.

Screenshots above with all graphics settings maxed out at 4k.

EDIT: It seems like smoke triggers these visible geometry lines:

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Thank you for reporting this @EricGonzalezM! Would you mind contacting support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file? It would be much appreciated!

Thanks, @SavageEmpire566. I will get a ticket created.

I mostly wanted to test the waters here and see if anyone else had seen the same thing.

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