Stone towers are too weak

I know a lot is going on and likely very little concern is had for this topic but here goes.

Stone towers even in feudal are effectively weaker than fortified arrowslit outpost.

in relative HP to cost
And DPS per cost is a net neutral vs unarmored with a slight advantage for stonewall towers vs armored

First off you cant build a stone tower without a stonewall; so even if you do the stonewall trick you still need atleast 1 stone segment and you can’t starting building one without having enough stone to at least place 3 segments. 2nd even if you take for grant the prerequisite stone wall and merely consider the 300 stone cost of the tower itself; it still inferior in the 2 categories above and here is the proof.

300 stone cost, 3000 hp, 2min build, 60 base, 6.25 attack speed, 9 range , 180? Ish degree of firing, can use boiling oil (single plus).

Compare to fortified arrowslit outpost
100 wood, 150 stone, 25 gold, 1750 Hp, 1min build and 60s total upgrade time, 5 fire resistance (big deal), garrisons 5 units with each providing an arrow dmg of 6 per 3.88s; 360 degree of firing. And 7 range

Hp comparison.
When the dmg being inflicted is siege damage or arrow damage, the stone tower offer more HP per resource cost; however early in the game it is more command that damage will come from bio units and arrows (negligible) and in this case the 5 fire armor cuts most unit’s torch damage in HALF, effectively doubling the fortified tower’s HP. So its 10HP per stone for the stone tower compared to an effective 12.7HP per cost for the fortified arrowslit outpost.

Stone tower has a high base damage which does come in handy vs standard 50HP villagers and slightly vs armored units. Verse non armored units stonewall towers provide 8% more dps than an arrowslit tower.

One last category not mentioned. Stonewall towers require 120 villager seconds to be built on top of whatever prerequisite wall that needs be built; meanwhile an outpost only requires 60 villager seconds so more time can be sent gathering resources. So the real cost comparison is build time + total resources vs build time + total resources (120s + 300stone+ vs 60s +275 resources).

All that to say Stonewall towers might need to be revamped?


I agree they could definitely use a revamp. I do recall they got nerfed pretty hard since they were really obnoxious particularly in feudal age (and they used to be banned in tournaments. I’m not sure if this is still the case or not). People used to do stone tower rushes and stuff.

Honestly just giving them fire armor would be very reasonable in my opinion so they couldn’t just be torched down.


They have been unban in tournaments just regulated to castle age. Having said that; their HP becomes amazing with civs that get fire resistance like abbasid HRE delhi