Stone wall can't be deleted under specific conditions

Hi Devs,

We noticed various games in which we (it be a friend of mine, it be myself) were unable to delete stone walls. We did some investigating in custom games and noticed that stone walls cannot be deleted by the player when enemy units are nearby.

We highly doubt this is intentional. It is not mentioned anywhere (as far as we know). Only thing we can imagine is that this is done to prevent people from stone wall pushing and deleting a tile to get a way up the tower without spending (and completing) a gate or stone tower. But if that were true however I’d expect that also buildings would trigger the undeletable stone all bug.

It is a pain; enemy trebs can shoot over the walls but our springalds and culverines cannot. And we can’t open the wall by deleting it because enemies are nearby. We can’t build a gate or so for the anti siege because… well, the enemy is nearby.

So… yeah… an oddity.

PS also there are a lot of desync errors again, pls look into that as well :slight_smile:

This is intentional! Adding some sort of indicator (whether text or simply visual) is definitely on the list of things to do.

Heard! Please continue to report players when you see this.