Stone Wall Gates Working As Intended!?

So I noticed the other day that my MAA just ran right through the enemy wall. After testing this later I found out if you face your gate the wrong direction enemy infantry will just run up onto the top of the wall and if you also have a stone tower facing the correct direction, they can then exit the other side. Are enemy units suppose to be able to use the side gates on a stone gate to get onto your walls? Also are enemies suppose to be able to use your stone tower door?

Yes. You have siege towers in this game, so the enemy has to be able to use your walls as well.
Face your gates the right way, with the arrow pointing outwards.

I guess then there actually is a point to siege towers as you can bypass the walls entirely with infantry. I just assumed it was to fight units on the wall. I’m surprised this hasn’t made it into pro play yet.

Siege Towers are historically hardly used. They rarely, if ever, got used in AoE2, as well. Mostly because they are a one-trick pony. You can use them to get on top of a wall and then…nothing else. While rams can not only get you past a wall, they can garrison double the units, damage other buildings, have almost half as much Health, almost four times as much armor and they move faster. Siege Towers sound great on paper, but they don’t have much diversity to make them very practical. In most every situation, you are going to get more benefit going with another piece of siege, outside of a few niche instances.

That was my position prior to testing, but if you can just load onto the tower and then just walk out the gate on the other side then you can very quickly get past a wall without raising an alarm. If you just sat on top and couldn’t get down I agree they would be worthless. Great for a timing push, esp for my fav HRE MAA Castle age push.

I think stone walls should be much stronger as it’s just as easy to go through them as to go over them now. I’d love to see big fights on/in front of walls with siege towers and actual units on the wall. Would look so awesome.

Instead now, everyone just 4-shots through the walls from a distance with some siege engines.

I think the biggest limitation on is it’s low garrison count. So, you either build multiples to get a decent number of units on the wall…load them up 8 at a time with one…or just go for a different siege. Like I said, there are SOME times when it can be useful, but those times come few and far between, which is why you never see them get used in pro games, because in most cases there are better, more versatile options.

The issue with siege towers in aoe2 is they are ridiculously expensive (they are still quite expensive in aoe4). In age 2 they didn’t come till age 3 and they cost significantly more than a ram or mangonel and required a siege workshop.

They are very underrated when people try the snake wall longbow strat, even getting 8 MAA on the wall will kill like 25+ longbows.

One of the “few niche instances” that I was referring to, yeah. But, in MOST cases, you’re better off going with something else. In an instance like that? Sure. You are getting actively raided and that is a cheaper, faster-built solution to get on top of the wall and take care of the immediate threat.