Stone Wall/Palisade mechanics

have the devs said anything about fixing the funky goofy walling mechanics?.

  1. you still cant attach a wall to a building such as a house or outpost, etc. this mechanic to me seems very basic to have.

  2. you still cant attach walls to ground resources such as markets, stone/gold outcroppings, this also would be very cool to stop raids and it makes sense to me that you should be able to build a wall close to a stone outcropping.

  3. the villager always ends up on the other side of the built wall, not really a big deal in late game but early game, it is, losing one villager can be devastating sometimes, this is more of an AI thing but still related to walls.

  4. gates still cant be queued on wall templates, another minor one but hopefully a consideration.

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Good suggestions. Furthermore stone walls should be much stronger.

This was a conscious decision, because in AoE2 you typically build “walls” with just about everything. They want walls to be walls and everything else not to be walls to make walls more of an investment. I think a good decision!

I think this comes down to basically the same as the above. I could see an argument for being able to attach walls to stone/gold

Really “always” or just sometimes (50/50)?
I do agree though that the pathing of wallbuilders doesn’t always seem intuitive

This I agree would actually be a good change!

You are really on a mission to make that point :wink:
They are very strong, especially in Feudal Age though. For lategame you need units which have no trouble with walls. Otherwise it will just be a campfest. I think walls are in a good spot with a tendency of being too strong.
You should need units to defend. Defensive structures are only supposed to be a help at the defending, but not the only thing you rely on.

This is actually intended and its a good thing. If someone wants to turtle they have to spend ressources making walls instead of just using their buildings. Same goes for number 2.

I totally agree with this. Its quite annoying.


Yes it is an important concern to me that stone walls should be stronger :smiley:

It is a big investment to build stone walls. Even more so because recently the construction time has been increased.

Villagers have to gather stone early. Stone is not needed for any units. Therefore you usually have fewer units than your opponent. Further you get into the next ages later because you have fewer villagers to gather food and gold.

Later bombers come and shoot away the stone walls with 2 to 3 shots. These are not only very strong against stone walls but also against units.

Trebuchet and rams are fine. They are strong against walls and buildings but weak against units.

Since you usually have fewer other resources due to building stone walls you have less quickly a big army and you get slower to next ages. I think stone walls should be stronger to be worth the investment.

If stone walls would be stronger one of the new features of Age of Empires 4 would be used more often. The feature of placing units on stone walls.

I worded the first poi t wrong, you caN still go through the gaps between buildings, it should give us the option to attach walls to building so we can cover those gaps