Stone walls and palisade walls cost

Stone walls and palisade walls have different costs yet stone gates and palisade gates both have the same costs.

Stone wall 5 stone
Palisade wall 2 wood

Stone gate 30 stone
Palisade gate 30 wood

I propose stone walls to cost the same as palisade walls. So either make stone walls cost 2 stone or make both stone and palisade walls cost 3 or 4 stone and wood respectively. As a trade off, stone walls could have even less HP in feudal 900 HP–>750 HP and take longer to build 10 seconds—>12 seconds. This would be only 3x HP that of palisade walls and take 2x as long to build.

This game promotes too much aggression and the first one to pressure usually wins in most average elo games. I want stalling out an early attack to be much more viable than it is right now especially in team games.

At the high level, players can quickwall and use vertical gates and markets to wall out pressure with just palisade walls. At lower levels, this doesn’t happen so the early pressure really does a lot of damage.

If you stone wall in feudal you still will have a worse eco cause you’ll need to mine stone for more TCs. I still would not expect pro players to stone wall their base even if they are cheaper because it sets their eco so far back at that high level. They also have the skill to defend early pressure with just palisade walling their base. So the “meta” wouldn’t change. It however would help average players afford to stone wall their base in feudal and keep from dying quickly to m@a, scouts, archers, or towers in feudal age. You could still lose access to your resources from towers or archers and could still be pressured.


Then use double palisade or house wall.

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Your base gets better fortified in castle age with the increase in HP of stone walls though

Let me disagree. Walling doesnt need a buff at all.


Agreed. Walling needs a serious nerf. The ability to quick wall with unfinished structures is just a joke, 3-4 men-at-arms with attack upgrade can’t even challenge a palisade wall in progress. It’s just disgusting how strong walls and quick walls are in the early game.

could also pull the palisade cost up to 5 wood…

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Palisade Walls should just have 100HP (or maybe 150) in Dark Age and 200HP in Feudal Age

i think depend of the map, but if u think there is 4 ages, now the meta is just wall and skip the 2 first ones and play on castle age. u only need to play agressive aswell.

For me it is the opposite. This game becomes much more about defending and not losing instead about attacking and winning.

For that reason: Walling is already OP. So if you wanna change something, i would suggest increasing the costs of a pallisade from 2 to 5. You might even increase the building time too. This way defensive play will be much more punishing.

Like @CALAVERA3508 already said: The game is currently that defensive, the first 2 ages are just skipped in most games. This game is not only about a boom to imperial age. It is about fighting in ever age to slowly find your way to victory. The current wall meta is thus pretty bad. I would like much more feudal wars. Almost no one really fights in feudal age any more.