Stone walls of Rus

After you, gentlemen developers, have walked the nerf in Rus and it is no longer top, it’s time to restore historical justice and make stone walls available to it in the 4th epoch (The Imperial Age). Their models are already ready, you can take them from the company’s developers. :v::wink:


Play the campaign particularly Rus campaign to understand why Rus has no Stonewalls.

I played and saw no reason not to do them. Can you share your opinion?

Stone Walls are more expensive and slower to build. Fortified Palisade Walls are cheaper and faster to build. If you like, make 2 layers of Fortified Palisade Walls to make up for its lesser sturdiness.

Putting Archers on top of Walls is not the gameplay of Rus. It is not popular anyway as Bombards destroy them easily.

At Feudal Age, Rus has more defense with these Fortified Palisade Walls which they really need as their strengths are pass Feudal Age.

Indeed, in the beginning in Rus they preferred wooden walls to stone ones, but there the walls were with a platform for archers and several meters thick. Nevertheless, in 1237, during the Mongol invasion of Rus, there were already stone walls in the center of Kiev, and stone walls in Moscow were built in 1367-1369, which corresponds to the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century (Imperial Century). It is about adding them in the 4th century in which they were an integral part. Soon in the Age of Empires 4 there will be DLC with new empire/states, perhaps those in the war with which the stone walls and the Streltsy of Rus/The Russian states played an important role.