Stop huge gap rank match

I think issue is biggest if you reach gold 3 to plat 1 on team average. On this combined elo level you get very often matchups where the combined rank difference is massive. Could happen because of many diamond and conq are dotching when matched against better players?

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Hello, I think you would encounter this kind of problem in any competitive game.

In every competitive game there is a point where you need a lot of effort to get better, and you can’t pass this level without taking the game more seriously. This point is in different places depending of the player.

For example, I play with a friend who is between plat II diamond II, he’s in that point, whereas in my case I play at diamond III-conq1 level in average. But I played games against conqueror III people who had more than 200 my elo, and did it very well just by trying my best.

I usually don’t take the game that serious, and don’t try to do the best because that level of concentration stress me out, but I’m comfortable in diamond III - Conq I, so I really don’t want to grow more.

In the end, you need to find a level where you can get fun, if that level is for you gold, silver, platinum, diamond, doesn’t care, just try to get fun. Get to conqueror III or be the best shouldn’t be a goal in a videogame (if you’re not trying to get paid for it).

So just enjoy.

This is a really serious problem. Personally, fixing the matchmaking system is a more urgent task than adjusting balance…
I know you shouldn’t be stressed while playing a game, but the current system in this game is so trash.
If you play 5 games, at least 2 of them will start with completely unbalanced teams.
In order to enjoy the game without stress, ‘fairness’ is at least a prerequisite.
Unless unfair systems are eliminated, it will be impossible to play the game without stress.