Stop huge gap rank match

Copper match with conquer. Also i often match conquer with silver teammates myself. Can’t they just play with the same rank. Or I wonder at least in 22 33 it won’t happen?

I’ve experienced this myself as well, something feels off about the matchmaking in team ranked games. Many times when my team is either copper or silver/gold and the opposing team is anything from gold to platinum/diamond.

I’d like to understand how the matchmaking work in team ranked games.

I’ve noticed some guys use alternate accounts with no MMR and no ELO to get paired with low ranks, so they can get up on the ladder.

If you create a new account, you elo will be low, so just get with your 3 usual friends who are diamond, and enjoy your matchmaking against silver/gold.

When your friends are in a high rank, other create another account and the cycle goes on.

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Agreed, recently in team games, I see far too many bronze players who are clearly not bronze who consistently team up with Conquerors. These players are just intentionally abusing the matchmaking system. I also feel that there needs to be better balance between predetermined teams and random teams in ranked matchmaking. Its just such a huge advantage in team games to have predetermined strategies and better communication.

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I’d like for them to separate the queue if you queue up as a premade or solo join with other random team mates but I know that this might increase the wait time for those who join as a team and therefore I know from experience in other games its not going to be a welcome change for those players.

So the question then is how do they solve this issue that pleases both sides?

I would suggest an artificial modifier of total ELO depending on how many players on a given team are premade. for instance, if 2 players on a team have a total cumulative ELO of 2000, but are premade, there should be an additional 10% or something added to determine their adjusted total team ELO for that match. This would likely result in fairer matches when it is predetermined vs random players.

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Maybe just use the highest elo of the teamed players. Or at least weight the higher ones more.

The matchmaking is so terrible in team games in this game. It really puts you in quite unfair match ups. So frustrating!

has always been broken in team games, dont even need to smurf

4 Conq vs 3 bronze and silvers happen all the time and its stupid

or 3 diamonds vs 2 gold and 1 silver

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Agree, a well balanced 1300 all players match doesn’t feel that balanced when a team is full premade.

Can we please remove cross play with pc. That should have never been put in this game keep pc with pc. And console with consoles only for quick match. It has ruined the game needs to be reverted.

Personally, I like it. It increases the player base. I don’t see much difference between M&K on xbox and M&K on PC.

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Or just remove all stats from the game and ranked. No one has to be competitive play for fun it ruins games

I’m confused, what exactly makes M&K xbox players playing with PC players unfair?

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u can already remove crossplay, do it urself in option

other ppl want to paly with friends, has nothing to do with u

i had friends over on console and we play together, why should Crossplay be removed because u refused to turn it off in option? why should we suffer cuz of ppl like u?

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Then go to pc and play with ur friends its needs to be how it was before devs need to do it

You keep making these statements, but you fail to give any reasoning. I have spoken with numerous xbox players ingame since this change and most of what I have heard has been very positive. Why do you believe that this is a bad change?


Different teammate elo problem is eaily solved, ujust can’t make such team like 2 rank gap in other many games.

Hi, there. This is the last time maybe I’m here, and this’s the 3rd time to afk, not because of work nor chatgroup, and it should be the last. I want to tell people and dev, that a game having bug or not balanced is not a problem, it could be solved. Balancing is just to make a game healthy, but something is rotting. This game now is coming to a pace, where people are not synced. I cannot find people that are about the same level, they are either too naive, or too determined to play “a” style.
Newbies play skylines in this game, tough guys play like a machine seems like doing job. I need to find a specific group and keep warm with them and match becomes group vs group, even a higher level. After a while the game becomes sophisticated and doomed, not like playing game, but like job as I said.
Maybe because the game is growing excessively, that a player in game is not allowed to make mistake or learning. For those who playing all night and day, I feel a bit sad but I’m not going to do the same way. There are so many good things to learn in earth online, and I’m sure I’m not going to feel proud for playing a game very well, but only get mad for not playing correctly. I am the type of like things of interest.
Thanks for your time.