Stop laming of abun cards

When u have these three cards in ur deck, Ethiopia is almost invincible in treaty, literally, this civ can reach a really high score -(comparable to germany or british) because abun cards can be sent twice, which it means 121 settlers, 21 gathering coin in mountain monasteries because tabot card. I saw players that could fight with 50 settlers after the treaty ends.

is that viable, its another 42 pop to your eco and I must presume that they are gotten rid of by the time fighting starts cause else you only have a 60 pop army + natives, though they can heal your army in combat

2 pop abuns and constantly having to rebuild monasteries…no thanks.

Abun will stop gathering on mines in treaty for some reason. This is not the main reason why Ethiopian is strong. It is that they can get coin and influence from fighting on top of xp, so fighting generates eco. So they never drains. Also they can have 20 cows and 30 sheeps trickling a large influence, also the monasteries.

However treaty is not balanced. The game is not and never intended to be balanced for treaty. So if you want balance I suggest you play normal game mode.

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one tech in the monastery (increases abun buildlimit… idk how its called) disables abuns to gather resources, so maybe thats what you experienced

How do you send them twice? It doesn’t say ‘x2’ on the card itself and I don’t seem to be able to send them twice. (Talking about in regular 1v1 ranked). Also, if you send ‘ark of the covenant’ for 2000 influence, does that mean your abuns can gather from monestaries too even if they aren’t placed on a mine, or does it mean that abuns cant gather and only the monestary itself is able to gather? It makes a big difference because after you run out of gold mines your abuns are useless other than healing your guys.

The description for the abun says they can only be sent once as well. Is it because in treaty you go to imperial age and can resend all of the cards again? I can’t remember ever getting to imperial in 1v1, although it might have happened before, not sure. I’m actually wondering how to boom with Ethiopia, it seems my eco always sucks no matter what I try, they don’t have villager cards like other civs so I’m guessing it has to do with the correct use of abuns.

Yep you can send it again in the imperial age like most unit shipments.

The “ark of the covenant” tech does not allow abuns to gather if the monastery has no gold however if you send the card “taboot” (the age 1 card that the OP showed) 1k gold spawns on each monastery even newly built ones not built on mines. The abuns can mine this gold even if the ark of the covenant tech is researched.

Assuming you are talking about 1v1 supremacy I would recommend maybe checking out Squamiger’s build The Ethiopia Early Monastery (the EEM) - ESOCommunity

The just of it is you build a monastery in age 1 and you gather enough gold in transition for 2 abuns once you hit age 2. Abuns and monasteries are both worth around 1.43 vills so it gives you around 4.3 additional vills in early age 2 without sacrificing getting units out. Then when you get the gold you can finish making the other 2 abuns.

3 abuns is essentially Ethiopia’s villager shipment. It is worth around 4.3 villagers so slightly better then 4 vills.

Infinite 7 cows in fortress can be good for eco imo. If I send it I typically get the selective breeding tech with it.

In fortress it is pretty easy to add additional tcs with the Habesha kingdom builders. You can even make them in age 2 so that you are ready to build them once you hit age 3.


If it gets nerfed I hope it won’t be by removing the build limit increase of the abun cards. If the build limit is removed, there would be no reason to send 3 abuns over 700c.

I think not letting them the be resent in age 5 could be a good nerf. A more extreme option is completely removing taboot from treaty by making it a one time gold boost (and buff it to 1500 gold to compensate) though that would probably be too extreme.

agree, African civs has been nurfed too much. also Inca, Mexicans and Lakota

well treatry is no important for me sorry

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Appreciate the feedback. Do you think it is better to FF and then send 1-2 infinite 8 cow cards, or to stay longer in Feudal and get max abuns using cards and gold, and getting most market techs, before going to fortress? Before I was sending the infinite 4 cow card twice in the first age, then getting the 75 75 tech which makes livestock fatten faster, then going to fortress and trying to train cows as fast as possible using spare gold to get 20 cows asap. I found I got a good income of influence this way, but I’m wondering how it compares with using abuns and/or the EEM strategy you mentioned. I tried the EEM before on my own, it didn’t seem overly good tbh, does anyone know the actual math behind all of this? How many villagers on influence (if it was possible to be on influence) does one fully fattened cow equal? I think it was .50 influence/second for a fully fattened 500hp cow, /65/sec after a 300 gold 300 wood market tech upgrade. I am kind of treating cows like dutch banks or lombards, investing in them early to get a trickle of influence throughout the whole game. Another question is, is it better to have a bunch of abuns generating half influence, half gold and use the gold to train extra cows up to 20, or just go for cows directly? I noticed these mines do get used up quick. If you have 20 cows, they never expire and generate influence indefinitely.

Just a heads up I haven’t played Ethiopia too much recently so I may be rusty on some specifics and I am not a super pro player but I have played it a lot.

Depends on what your opponent is doing. If you think it is wise to stay age 2 and you want more eco then maxing abuns is probably the way to go. It’s probably a bit greedy sending 2x8cows first thing in fortress. You would probably fall behind in mass compared to your opponent. For hard tc booming you could consider sending 700 influence or 1k influence and use them to make the kingdom builders for tcs.

I’m not sure 4 cows is a good card. I think 2v + 1abun is likely a better first card than 4 cows in most circumstances. The 2 vills help you age up faster and the abun can still be useful for getting treasures. Maybe as a second card but I think waiting to send an age 2 resource crate instead would give you more tempo.

Training cows asap for the influence trickle doesn’t seem good to me. They only trickle 0.15 influence when fattening and take 5.3 minutes to fully fatten with the fattening tech. You are essentially paying 100c for a villager that works at 30% efficiency for 5 minutes.

I think training cows for influence is more of a late game economic transition.

With the base gather rate, abuns gather 0.86 res a second. If you split the monastery 50% 50% coin/influence, it will generate 0.43 influence/s which is only 0.07 off of a fully fattened cow and of course you get the coin gathered. So for 50c more you almost get 75% more resources/s then the cow would start to generate 5 minutes later when fattened. And it is even better with the mine upgrades such as placer mines.

To compare cows and banks with the assumption that all resources are of equal value and cows take 5 minutes to fatten. Banks take a little more then 4 minutes to generate 700g (700 / 2.75 / 60). 1 cow takes around 7 minutes to generate 100influence 5 + (100 - (0.15 * 5 * 60)) / 0.5 / 60.

Abuns by comparison take around 3 minutes to generate 150c without placer mines (150 / 0.86 / 60)

I’m not too sure if it is best strat either but just the idea of gathering gold for abuns in transition can be decent for an age 2 eco boost.

For that tech you need to have 18 cows for it to be equivalent to a Dutch bank. It may still be good when you have 15 livestock or so but probably shouldn’t get it if you have less then 10.

I think it is better prioritizing abuns in the early game but if you are on max abuns and have excess gold it is probably good to make a few cows then. Though you probably want to sell them when the livestock market gives a decent rate. With the fattening tech they generate wood at the rate of 2.5 unupgraded villagers with the max livestock sell rate.

One option also to mention is stagecoach. For 2 tp stagecoach you have to invest 800 resources for 4 influence/s. This is the same trickle 800c worth of cows generate when fully fattened but you get it much sooner. Of course with more tps the investment is even better. 2tp stagecoach generates 800 resources in 3.3 minutes after it is researched.

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