Stop penalizing for time

The game doesn´t start, some of the players dropped, get lamed, lose a vill, you kill the boar with the TC. There are A LOT of reasons you dont have to play this game. 30 min penalizing, close and try with other account, check the mods in the other account, OF COURSE there is no mods, close the game, trying to open the game, close age of empire before starting, close age of empire before starting… MAN Just want to rank, and i lost ELO, time and health.

Well…if you leave once something does not go according to plan, you are just not the type of player i want to play with. So you get banned. Because you’re wasting others people time instead of learning to handle your emotions.

30min is btw not something you just get on first offence. You need to leave really, really often.


Maybe, i dont know, for you get lamed in 1v1 is not a deal, but in 1700 its almost game. Thats maybe you dont understand, even if know a lot about emotions. In TG, the game crash sometimes, if there are 8 of players there is posibilities to someone to drop. Not answering that part, taking wherever you want of my words. And last, if you get banned 30 min is bc you resing 4 or 5 times, wich is nothing to someone who play 8 games in a day.

get lamed, lose a vill, you kill the boar with the TC

1700 its almost game

1700 ELO 1v1 games are not that intense, most people play textbook style at this stage of ELOs, stop raging and try to prove otherwise, that you’re not another textbook player who desperately need to follow every step of the buildorder to pull off a victory, ■■■■ happens, get over it.

Are you a civ picker :frowning: ?


Thats actually the elo i play in.

I recently got lamed 5! sheep and still won the game. Stop giving up so early and try to have fun playing.


WTF are you talking about civs and build orther??? xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Not even rage at any point
Also u can check my profile, nerd.

Thats a good advice .