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Hello and welcome to the forum post for the “Stop The Cart!” custom scenario.

This is the first and proper Custom Scenario that I’ve ever made, so apologies if some parts of it are unrefined or glitchy.

It took me about a week to develop and I tested it from start to finish a few times, which helped me find a couple of bugs, if there are some minor ones that are still present, I will probably note them and leave them included until an update is released to fix any major issues, if there are any.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated; I had a lot of fun making this project and learning about the Scenario Editor so I’d like to make a second version or a similar sort of Custom Scenario in the future - Especially something with more complicated mechanics, like being able to change difficulty in the game etc.

This entire scenario was made just by using the in-built Trigger Event system, which can be a bit limiting in some respects, so I may try and incorporate scripts in the future.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the Custom Scenario!

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