Stop the complaints

Developers are bringing new ideas, new civilizations, lots of cool things and people only complain.

Let’s play first. There are people complaining without even having played the expansion. Suffering and complaining in anticipation.

Sometimes it even seems like the Age 2 crowd is rooting for Age 4 to fail.

Stop! Its Enough! Let’s wait for November 14th!


Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I understand that the criticism is to improve the game. Everyone here has important opinions and wants the game to improve even more. I just think we should wait. We have very little information to be able to make incisive judgments.


I am personnallly not criticizing the gameplay. I’m criticizing the fact that now, developers are taking too much liberties with history and consistency whereas a good gameplay does not necessarily require modifying history.

As I was saying on another topic :

[I will buy the DLC] for Byzantines, Japan, and the new campaign, because it represents a lot of work.
I still hope that at some point, they try to come back to historical accuracy as they wanted to do during the release of the game and the Malians/Ottomans DLC, because the new civs variants are destroying this part.
I appreciate the variant civ concept, but I think they messed up here, there was so much non used potential

  • Why make a Chinese variant in a “Sultan’s Ascend” DLC ?
  • Why transform a french symbol into a whole “civilization” and call it her name ?
  • Why producing so much civilizations in a hurry without paying attention to historical details ? (Camel lancers ? “Tower of Sultan” ? Shaolin Monk in a philosophy opposed to buddhism ?)
  • In a DLC apparently focused on crusades, why implement a group which existed 30 years, the Order of the Dragon, instead of Teutons or Templars ?


The introduction page for each civ usually has 7 tabs: three for unique units and four for age-ups (mostly landmarks).

If this “cool new idea” is so innovative and cool, they will try to showcase it as much as possible, instead of using all 7 tabs to introduce 7 “gilded” versions of existing units.


It is entirely possible to satisfy both mechanic-oriented players as well as those more in line with history and immersion. It happens that AoE fans tend to be a blend of these, and we aren’t enemies here. Complaints aren’t the issue. However, people defending a DLC they themselves haven’t played, are simply ignoring that a large part of these game’s appeal have been cast aside. Just because you, yourself do not care for history to the same degree, does not make the complaints about it invalid.

The reality of the matter is very simple, and there really shouldn’t even be a point of contention. They could have made both mechanically intriguing as well as a historically fascinating civilization. They simply chose not to. We have every right to complain.

Does that bother you? Because if it does, then you’re being unreasonable.


Tell me why order of the dragon is named order of the dragon and ill stop complaining


idk nothin about the new content except that they’re charging for it so I’ll probably never try it. This whole game has been an open-beta since launch and they want me to pay again to bug test their latest untested work? It’s so annoying. I paid $60 and the price is now $40, the new stuff is $15, they should just gift it to everyone that paid the full price.

It’s weird how so little can be added yet how much everything can change. The game today is basically a completely different game than the game that was released. I guess that’s what happens when you present a design with a bunch of kinks that slowly get worked out, it changes its shape. I’m getting metaphorical; but what I’m getting at is–as a casual player, this game was very complicated to learn once. Sure, the general RTS concepts don’t change, but so many mechanics and values have been tweaked that it would be like re-learning the game all over again if someone was thinking about playing again after some months off. It discourages player return.

Good games work the first time and have reliable, stable mechanics that you can count on and build up a familiarity with. I can’t jump into the game today after months and expect any build order or matchup to be the same as it was. It’s like the illusion of ‘new’ is just to distract from the fact that nothing is stable or reliable.

I hope for the community’s sake that they’ve taken the time to think through how everything new will integrate so it’s not months of frustrating exploits and then another makeover.


Cause they decided to make a variant civ named after the chivalric order founded by one of the HRE emperors that was called order of the dragon.

Do you need to buy a shirt to know if it is good? Don’t you have eyes?


Order of the dragon was an actual thing in history.

Personally i try to be more “balanced”. I can see some people are constantly complaining, and others constantly defending the game.

But i think sometimes it’s good to "compromise’ there are things that really needed change like Ayyubid previous name. I don’t think the devs have the time or resources to make any “complex” changes so NO the civ won’t be erased and they won’t be redone from the ground up. We will have Jeanne D’arc and we will have the Order of the Dragon. So there is really no reason to ask for massive changes or to ask to delete the variants. This needs to stop.

I think all the civs concept presented so far are absolutely cool, it will bring so much variety to the gameplay. I really like that we will have one civ where we will have the opportunity to play as a hero, and another one that give you an army of elite mercenary units, those are great ideas. But i think it’s fine to be critical as well on things that don’t require massive change and are actually changeable.

For order of dragon I don’t think much that was said can be changed, but maybe they could have presented the page a bit better, like explaining what the landmarks are doing, that would have give the impression that the civ is really different from regular HRE, but the current page kinda missed that and just presented it as HRE with no difference except stronger units… But im sure it’s more than that and hopefully they will show us the rest soon.


Create a thread complaining about the other complaining :rofl::rofl:
Why would we stop? Because you said so?

Look at those variant civs. I am really disappointed. I will complain.
I had pre-ordered on the first announcement, I knew there were 4 variant civs. But look at them now.
Garbage names and lazy work.
I already requested a refund.

If you’re happy the way AoE4 is going, good for you, really.
I don’t like it and it seems I am not alone


Just delete this abominio “variants” fire the team who make them and focus on real civs and step back, cause i think aoe4 its a beautiful game. Ooh poor devs, they are just trying to bring new ide …blablablablabullshit come oooonnn xD perhaps, if they re variants ALL the civs at the same time, i would say, OK, basically all the vanilla civs, for some reason(why?) Wear a different suit.


There should be space for praise and criticism. A lot of people will have differing opinions on how to do history justice in a video game, and we should be capable of entertaining it all.

Sadly, some people don’t like anything one way, and others don’t like anything the other way. I hope that these remain a minority, and that reasonable folk understand there are reasons to like and not like game content without making it a character flaw.

While there is a lot of valid criticism, even if I don’t agree with it all, examples like this just show a lack of effort.

They literally explain this on the variant civilisation’s page (just like they do the other variants):

FYI folks, I’m not sure this is new or not, but this is the first time I’ve noticed on the civ page that they’ve broken the variant civilisations into their own category:

Which may go some way to alleviating some folks’ concerns that they’re sharing a spotlight with the regular civilisations.


If we dont complain this will continue they add variant civs which they are not really a civ.Also they copy paste most of the things while doing them.I need to see gameplay before i buy this dlc.If i buy i will buy for japan and byzantine.


They can’t spoil everything! This actually leaves you wondering how the other Gilded units will be, what other unique technologies beside War Horses they have. Also the what’s going on with the Prelates ( I bet they don’t have them and I imagine why). Landmarks are the same from the outside but it’s uncertain whether the bonuses are the same or not. There’s a chance the Aachen changes, inspired Gilded Villagers could be too much.

You’ve been answered but you could have easily found out yourself. :neutral_face:

Ottomans and Malians were free to “make up” for that. Let’s say they acknowledged what you said. :wink:

You also need to touch it to feel the fabric and try it on to see how it fits you. Eyes are not enough. You do that to decide buying it or not. That analogy doesn’t work here, we can’t try the expansion first.

They updated it before showing the Ayubbids, if I’m not mistaking. A good idea! :smile:

I think variant civ is good idea if it has been added in the current civ itself, not like separate civ. If every civ have variant civ which you can choose while playin would be more interesting.

That will come with future dlc, they can’t do all variants at once

but they can put the variants in the base civs to start with

I don’t know, i prefer as variant, if i don’t want play french with a hero I can. And it gives more content. They will have very different playstyle from the base civ and also the variants won’t have many bonus/advantage of the base civ.