Stop wishing for another Portuguese DLC or addition!

The civ is a meme and nobody wants any more campaigns for it. We want new civs and new campaigns, not a reskin of an existing civ. New civs and new campaigns, not a money grab. GO SOMEWHERE NEW!!!

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What are you talking about? The fact that they called the DLC “Porto” for it’s code name? This likely just means that they have realized that the code names were giving it away with the previous DLCs, and are now picking random cities. It could also mean that they are going to focus on areas the Portuguese interacted with, meaning a likely African or Indian DLC.

Also, this isn’t true. The civ might be one of the weakest, but that doesn’t inherently make it a meme. Also, you can’t just say that no-one wants more campaigns for it like you are an authoritive source with a lot of people behind you, because I don’t think anyone has ever done a poll on if people want more campaigns for a civ like this. I don’t think people want extra campaigns for one civ right now though, and would rather have at least one campaign per civ.


Who is this “we” that you are representing?
And who gave said “we” the authority of imposing their will on others?


I guess he is talking to the devs? But then the use of “wish” makes no sense anymore not that a post that ignores the change in codename policy would make sense in the first place

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He must have referred to this post Any hints for "Porto" AOE2 DLC? - #17 by Geojak92

I am not so active on the forum anymore, so don’t worry OP

lol med but seriously the Portuguese campaign was Ooookay but there are other civs that could use a REAL campaign first. As for the code name I know… but some people are almost trying to wish a Portuguese reskin into existence. There are several other places to go than simply back to Portugal lol. I want the next DLC to be great like everyone else. Maybe they are going to combine the civs as the other guy said on his brilliant idea for deletion of civs XD.

Mostly the people spamming around saying they want a Portuguese campaign when there is already a pretty decent one in the game. You know sky scraper stuff like racism.

Its alright I was all rattled from another guys post about deleting civs. Might delete later idk yet, feeling cute.

Yeah we don’t want a DLC for a Portuguese rebuff as no one in their right mind would pay for it unless it was literally GOD TIER XD. Don’t become EA now lol. “Pay 10 dollars to unlock free archers of the eyes in a ranked game”

For me, I don’t even need another DLC, at least for now. The game still has issues not fixed and stability needs improvement. Well but in the end, dev needs the income and keeps AoE II active, so.

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