STOPPING BBQ With One Easy Trick [Game 7/7]

Did you see that? I love Aussie_Drongo…


I find it funny. I have been saying on these very same forums that use palisade to block TR/BBQ etc. Played doesn’t even have to build them 100% up just enough to slow rush down and keep them at 99% and get the cancellation fee. Moment there is pro player doing it suddenly ppl are like “oh u can do that amazing” xD

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work. It got worse.
I think it would be viable if palacade wall refunded all the wood properly. I think it returns less resources that it took to build them.

For me it works :slight_smile: I blocked barbican with 60 wood investment and made chinese player to quit because he had no place to put the BBQ which would’ve done anything to me.

I use lot of palisade blocks against BBQ / TR. Generally I don’t try to stop it completely just protect certain areas where I don’t want any towers go up and slow it down which. I usually don’t invest much to unfinished palisade maybe 60-90 wood worth which is still better option than using single tower.

Against TR the palisade won’t do much because they’re smaller but against BBQ its easy to block large area.

I also usually always wall of small areas between wood lines or cliffs when I get TR. Just to control direction where ppl can build the towers. I don’t want rusher to have complete freedom to place towers where ever they want. This leads them putting towers unfavorable position or trying to burn palisade down which gives me so much time to hit feudal or even castle and stop it