Stormy discussion - all this gossip is useless!


I see that a stormy discussion has started here on the forum about everything possible!

But as we all know well here, these developers are not worth solving !!

We don’t even know if anyone reads this forum at all, I’d rather say NO.

They chose a grave silence.

And it doesn’t make sense to talk nonsense here on the forum.

Unfortunately, we have to wait again for some news with the word SOON.


Let’s rather play something …


Ironic that this comes out an hour before the beta is announced, bad timing for you.


I don’t know of any Beta announcements.
You’re a joker, aren’t you?

Are you in the aoe discord? Aug 5th btw, I think it’s random selection though, it’s called “closed beta”

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Sorry you’re right … I’m sorry.


How to shoot your own knee xDDD

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beta started! hahahhahahahahahahhahaha

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