Strange changes in latest patch - Now even more imbalanced

So, we have a new patch with new increase in imbalance? Is there any kind of forum one can be engaged in to help the devs to ever get treaty games right?

You tell me that you nerfed Giant Grenadiers to 3 pop but left Mexican Soldados at 2 pop? What was the thinking here lol? XD

South Africa keeps Wanderlust card intact to create incredibly imbalanced games with 3000-4000 HP units? What in the world… Not only is the abuse card left intact, SA is buffed with pop and other stuff lol?

How can this be the case? If we all start playing only Mex and SA to abuse the game to the fullest, maybe the devs will notice the tilted stats?

have you really start the game? the Wanderlust is limited to 3 times now

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Personnellement j’ai juste lu que le grenadier géant à été nerf à 3 pop, ça vient d’où que le reste des grenadiers sont à 3 pop maintenant ?

It is?? I just checked the release notes, there was nothing about it?

This is a great change with Wanderlust, do put it in the release notes. But I still wonder how Soldados can be kept at 2 pop and Giant Grenadiers not? Check the stats for a fully upgraded Soldado and you see it is on par with a Grenadier. If one is to be nerfed, the other should too for consistency?

Are you confounding grenadier with GIANT grenadier? If you’re talking about the giant grenadier, it’s totally normal for them to be less viable late game. Mercenaries are supposed to be supplanted by imperial troops, unless you go for the mercenary contractor.


Indeed, I have corrected the post now to say Giant Grenadier as this was the one that was nerfed to 3 pop while Soldados (with about same stats) was kept for some reason.

Except giant grenadier has 2 area of effect and soldado has none (possible to get 0.5 aoe damage if you send grenade launchers card).


GG is the mercenary equivalent of Soldado and such it has to cost more pop


As a treaty player I agree with giant grenadiers getting nerfed to 3 pop. Mexican musks get wrecked by artillery and mix some skirms in and your good. Giant grens are too resistant to cannons and for some reason had a bonus against heavy cav. So costing 3 pop is fair. You should not be able to get away with building one unit, same goes for Otto grens that need nerfed or their bonus against artillery completely taken away.


oh yeah on that point, i think the otto artillery combat cards and that age 4 card was changed from just affecting the otto gren to affecting all grenade trooper

So if otto ever gets a hand on the giant gren they can get additional +30% on them, more then even the swede merc combat lol

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Really strange for me - I do not understand what this rules of event?