Strange super slowdown/out-of-sync error in multiplayer

Hello everyone,

So this is a strange bug that we’ve never seen before. This evening, we began playing maps with ocean/water and ran into an interesting issue.

Our two game would totally get out-of-sync, but we would not receive an ‘out-of-sync’ error, the game would just keep on playing. For example, I knew that the docks of my co-op teammate had been destroyed, but on his side, he was saying that the docks were still there. Also, the speed on his side was incredibly slow, to the point where he was not able to click on peasants and make them do new stuff. I could also feel ‘some’ slowdown, but my co-op teammate was literally 5 minutes behind me in the game. The game would eventually become unplayable.

Anyone seen this bug before? Any fix? The game setup was 2 human players on team 1 vs. 4 AI players on team 2 (4 different civs) on Warring Islands (Gigantic).

This one is strange @GumbyTheBorg! Next time you or your teammate see this, please report it to support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file attached. Thanks!

If anyone else experiences this, please also contact support! The more information the better on those weird bugs with difficult repro.

Here are the logs. We can effectively repro this 100% of the time. There are two sets of logs (actually, full folders, with files sanitized to remove pii), one for each player.

Thank you @GumbyTheBorg! The team will take a look. Much appreciated!