Strategy Gamers Health

Health is Wealth I hope no arguments about that.
Regarding Health If you were 17 or 18 When the strategy games became popular windows 98’ systems you would be in mid 30s or 40s. Its for us. Not for younger generation.
Real Time Strategy Games quests take longer to complete and a great time killer. But after 30s when we have to work and play the game it makes us sit for 40 to 120 minutes without any physical activity. Which adversely affect our health condition. We also do the same in Server Admin work but that’s a different story. Usual health risk we suffer is Obesity, Type2Diabetes, Constipation and Flatulence.

  1. Wake up Early. Remember to Pray to God for a nice sleep. Early morning prayers freshen up the mind. Do your Bed. Login to the game and play for 45 minutes or lucky 100 minutes. By Seven , see that you finish it or save the game progress.
  2. Do your hygienic activities cause a clean gamer helps both environment and himself. Think if suddenly your nose itches and you want to rub it on your shoulder if you stink it would spoil the quest concentration. So keep up your hygiene. mild walking of 3000 Steps would be good
  3. Eat well. Breakfast is not the important meal but since our insulin level is low in the morning absorption would be better. So if you take health supplements or fruits its better to take it in the morning. As far breakfast avoid cereals whatever the package says don’t fall for it. have it light. Like a Glass of milk, or Black Coffee with butter and Salt or Butter Tea with salt. Avoid Sugar it will keep you active through the rest of the day and help you finish your work faster.’
  4. Work. Bosses demand work irrespective of the money they provide. So do the minimal requirement.
  5. Lunch now for a good meal. make it moderate calorie food. like a casserole with green veggies and some protein(Animal protein better). Eat full. A half stomach will make you hungry and wanting will harm your work performance, Then your boss will shout and you will have to sacrifice gaming time. Take a rest for atleast half hour. Do not walk much after lunch. Just sit and observe everyone.
  6. After Work, take a refreshment like coffee or Tea. Do not go for juices or smoothie or ice cream. Fruits are for the mornings not after lunch cause we mainly eat them for their vitamins and fiber.
  7. Take a evening walk dedicate some 45 minutes for moderate walking or exercise.
  8. You will have at least 2 hours of gaming time.
  9. Dinner. The Heavy Meal. Make nice tasty fatty meal with Animal Protein and Eat to your full. avoid breads, sugars, cereal foods.
  10. After dinner ensure you play some games atleast for 2 hours before sleep so its better to take the dinner early.
  11. After your comfortable mission complete. Hit the bed. Remember you already prepared it early in the morning.
  12. Keep yourself hydrated with sufficient water intake. Avoid sugars during gaming time, before and after that.
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