Strategy Games 2018 PC Windows

  1. Ancestors
    Medival European History . Squad based battles

  2. Surving Mars
    Extra territorial colonization. From the Developers of Tropico 5 but not upto the lvl of aven colony but still exciting

  3. Railay Empire
    Same Kalypso Media. Railways. Those who are fascinated by Ttransport fever, City building, trains it provides excitement

  4. Iron Harvest
    Maybe the biggest competion to Age of Empires4 since both travel in the same timeline of events

  5. Age of Empires DE
    I may be posting not excited but eager to see the success of it. 4kHD battle, animated destruction of wonders, Improved path finding make it more interesting, The have also invested a lot into the background battle music. Perhaps they will try to revive the effort they put into Age of Mythology development. Its also a flagship game of their franchise after multiple product failures. Xbox buildings are excited about it.

  6. Tropico 6
    Having mastered Tropico 3,4,5 i am already excited about this City building series. The Bulgarian Team soon would be invited to every gamersconference soon. Very talented team and their evolution of their game engine provides endless entertainment

7.Ancient Cities
If you have played Empire Earth , Settlers, Age of Empires , Zeus God of Olympus u shall really be excited about this game. The game developers have put a lot of effort in the graphics and gameplay. From a small group hunter gatherers to mega city developer this game offers entertainment to City building fans.

  1. Guild 3
    Exciting for guild 2 fans. more interactions. Economy based. I will buy it for guild 2. Did not see guild 3 so far.

  2. Anno 1800
    Typical Anno game, Will be like Dawn of discovery nothing big to expect in it

As far as age of empires 4 . it will be in 2019 must have to be in the time. otherwise it will lose to Iron Harvest. cause i do not have much expectation after dawn of war 3 failed to impress me.

Its just listing (1-9) not ranking

You forgot Total War: THREE KINGDOMS :#

what are they going to offer other than emperor of china. We have seen the same in Rome, rome2 , medival , napolean

yeah saw the game its good.
10. Total War : 3 kingdoms.

iron harvest looks kinda strange to me, i hope age of empires 4 isn’t too wild

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