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This is a discussion for players to post AoE: DE streamers and players so people know what players are streaming in the community. I will give some notes on the streamers and to help players pick who to watch. - Fun guy to watch, nothing special skill wise. Plays other games as well. Would be decent if he used a standard build order. Reads chat during game. Has camera but never reveals his face. Speaks English. - Expert RM & DM player. He’s from Voobly and has been playing for a while. Sometimes he’s very good at talking while he plays other times he’s not. Reads chat during game. Speaks English. He plays Classic & DE. Helpful when answering questions. - Expert RM player. He’s from Voobly as well. Was considered one of the Elite back in rankings. He had a camera but haven’t seen him use it since he started. He talks sometimes, reads chat between games. Speaks English & Spanish. He plays Classic, DE & AoE3. - Expert RM & DM players. These are mainly classic 1.0 games. They have many different sets with in that that I won’t go into too much detail. Have seen them play DE on a few occasions. Games are casted and most of the players are pro’s. Speaks Vietnamese. Plays Classic & sometimes DE. - Plays RTS games in general and has streamed DE. Is the head of balance for AoM. Skill wise is lacking. Good to watch if you’re interested in other RTS games too. Speaks English, maybe some other languages. - The official Age of Empires stream. What more do I need to say. - For those who don’t know, TaToH does stream quite a few other games as well. He has the skill but no the knowledge, he’s a good player by my standards and has one games off of experts before. But as he has said himself before that doesn’t make him the better player. I find him fun to watch and he talks well while playing. - Renowned for being the best AoE2 player. But if he’s going to play AoE1 at a high level he has a bit to work on. It was quite a surprise to see him streaming AoE: DE. He is very fun to watch and talks very fluidly while playing. - A streamer with barely any following, seems to know how to play. He is very new to streaming and doesn’t interact with his chat and just plays. - Much like dkletv. Doesn’t have much of a following and just plays. He does interact with chat between game though. - Is a AoE2 player who has also streamed DE and AoE no expansions on Voobly. He doesn’t talk while he plays and is nothing special skill wise. - For those who don’t know this is Cheese. He is part of the DE team and knows how to play. I find it amusing how even when he streams he seems to test things. The stream is quite loud, doesn’t talk. - Is a professional player as he recently won the Conti 1v1 tournament and placed in the Cho Wars tournament for Voobly. He has earnt some prize money off of these. Other than that he doesn’t talk and doesn’t interact with his chat. He plays both classic, DE and some Japanese titles. He speaks Japanese & English and is probably the best player from the Japan. He is strong in RM & DM. - Unfortunately he has a bad connection while streaming but is well known enough to be suggested in a Microsoft post, hats of to him. He is more well known for his AOE Tips youtube channel and streams on occasion. He is an expert player and I highly suggest this player for newcomers. - Expert RM & DM player. Have seen him stream DE. But mainly plays classic. He probably won’t be playing DE for a while, as he had high standards for it. But we’ll just have to wait and see. - An Elite AoE no expansions player. He is a moderator on Voobly. He cam 2nd in the AoE Season #1 tournament. He has recently started playing DE, Rome Returns (An AoE2 RoR mod) and Rise of Rome. He isn’t as experienced in DE as he is in AoE. But is certainly one to look out for.

Some of these players may have larger followings in other games but have streamed AoE: DE on occasion. There are many, many more streamers and players and people are of course welcome to advertise others and their own DE streams on the list. I hope you guys have fun watching these players and let me know if there are any I have missed.

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Thanks for putting this together!


Great work as always, Epid!


Game doesn’t work.


i strim too ! aoe3 and aoe1- radix_lecti


Yes. you forgot me. lol Most games played in franchise history.



Mine on Mixer / Twitch: WilliamWsy_HK
The game is in Traditional Chinese though


I might stream the game once it’s finished

DeRiften on Twitch, Mixer and YT Gaming ( is a nice thing)


Excellent work @Epid !!!


I love this game so much!


Great job Epic

I want to introduce japanese AOE players streaming URL, but I got this message “You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links” ,cound not write URL.

What should i do?


I hope to see the Vietnam players stream more of DE compared to the classic.


@“Larco Bruz” said:
I hope to see the Vietnam players stream more of DE compared to the classic.

I’m from Vietnam, I’m going to start crying tonight ^^


Thanks for these links


I stream de Everytime I play my stream name should be epicanonymous

Find me online at EpiC xMystical or on voobly as EpiC_Anonymous


Tranks : :open_mouth:


Add me as some streamers for Aoe:DE. 60k followers. RM playeri stream it a lot


stream name I would also like to stream on the official age of empires stream too. I use a webcam as well .


Hi, about my entry: I’m not head of balance for AoM anymore, that was 2 years ago. I’m a game designer, that should be a fine description instead. For AoE 1, I’m kinda just passing by to learn the fundamentals of the game and to take away from it what I can to generally become more knowledgable about RTS games - don’t expect me to go tryhard mode, I do that in some other games though.


Very Excited about this release. I grew up on this game. Forgot how many hours I could waste playing it!!!