Streaming Overlay for AoEIIDE

Hi everyone !
Sorry for my very bad English :slight_smile:

Since the return of AoEII I have seen Polskafan overlays return on many channels (not speaking my language)

However, the usual links (before crash -and return- of AoEII net) do not work!

So here it is, do you have an idea of โ€‹โ€‹where to find functional links?

I personally found two. Nice overlays but a bit buggy in Team Game! They only work well for 1V1 :confused:

Long to update
Does not update for TG

Note: On GitHub, after the return of AOEII Net, ########### and Polskafan Dev indicated that they are working on it, so the overlay identical to Polskafan must be a copy?

Did you find an answer?

No. All overlays work for high ranked players. Some work from 1900 Elo. The two I mentioned in my first post still have the same issues.