Strelets the more mediocre units in treaty, they need more damage or range!

add a card in era 4 to increase the shooting range of the strelets or implement updates for the sltrelet plus shooting range, you have no option of units against the Swedish carolines because they kill everything, add a card with some penalty for example increase the cost of the strelet 400 f 150 w or decrease their speed and it is almost impossible to win in treaty games. sorry my terrible english.


Have you used advanced arsenal? :slight_smile:

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useless versus caroleans of IV age, there is not russian unit that can versus caroleans with range resistance
taunt 26

Caroleans are a joke. Age IV card Svea Life Guard is way too powerful. There is no way an economic civ like Sweden should have fast Age, 99 Settlers, ressources not depending on hunts (blueberries) and and Age IV upgrades for 30% Hussar HP and 25% HP + 30% Range resist on Caroleans. They also get free arsenal upgrade, so their Caroleans get 10% extra movement speed, ontop of being already faster and having a sprint ability.

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I agree with the OP Tthat strelets need love age 4+ but don’t base it off a broken civ like Sweden. Strelet struggle vs strong anti cav age 4 units (howdah sepoy ashiguaru brit musk port goons eagle knights).

I understand the civ design is based on applying the pressure early and winning the trades long term or go for a timing. However if the games goes late age 4 without a significant advantage for Russia vs the civs with powerful anti cav, Russia is forced to switch to musks…which are efficient but faster underpowered compared to the previously mention units and at the same time strelets lose their efficiency due to pop and lower power scaling…

Here is a legit fix for strelets. Give them the Chinese reformation treatment. Increase all stats by 15% and cost by 10% and add 2 range for a max of 16 range. Age 4 card.

Even better than a card… make it an age 4 politician!!!

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One thing about strelets worth noticing is that they cost 37.5 f and 10 w. This is because all russian blockhouse units are 25% cheaper for being 20% weaker. But it doesn’t work that way entirely for strelets for some reason. The real cost of strelets is 50 f 10 w (50 + 10 = 60/10 = 6 XP). With that 25% discount it should be 37.5 f 7.5 w…but it’s not. So you have to pay extra 25 w for a strelet batch for nothing (The batch costs 375 f, 100 w at the moment). This does not have much impact in lategame but it matters a lot in early game and I think it should be changed.

And about their range in lategame, I think the Strelet Horde card should grant +2 range too. Or something similar to Gurkhas and Caroleans, each age upgrade should give them +1 range.

Flamethrowers also need more speed/range as they get upgraded from Age 2 to Age 3 and Age 3 to Age IV. How are you supposed to use Flamethrowers, an insanely overpriced unit in both ressources and supply (4 supply) against Age III falconetts with 26 range?

To me, I have never been able to even consider Flamethrowers in Age 3 and later. Its better to just make Skirms/Iron Flails against Infantry, they both can do damage to Falconetts, but Flamethrowers cannot and get almost oneshot just like Skirms.

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yes man always possible

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