Streltsy animations

There is something broken about the Streltsy animation. In reality, the axe is meant to connect with the ground to function as a stabilizer for their guns. In AoE4 it almost seems like the Streltsy is holding up the axe and the gun with it.

But, more importantly, it remains floating in the air after shooting. Which makes me realize something; The animation isn’t wrong. The Axe model is. It might be a different model to the one that the animators used, or simply positioned differently–the axe’s handle should be longer, long enough to meet the ground during this animation.

Because it is currently short, you end up with this awkward animation that looks broken.

Another thing about the Streltsy animation that is broken, is that the Axe will remain tethered to the gun for a short couple seconds afterwards, resulting in this video below:

Lastly, I didn’t record this, but supposedly the Streltsy has a melee animation when Standing Ground. You can actually see in this video above how he switches to hold the Axe at the end; yet there is no functional ability tied to this, at least not yet. In the documentary style video of the Streltsy explaining their history, they explain the Axe comes in use when opponents get too close. So I don’t know if it is intentional that the Streltsy are lacking that in the game right now, and thus am report it.

Thank you for reporting this @TheAchronic! I know we’ve had these bugs in our system for a while—priority is very low—but I will at the very least give a bump. Much appreciated!