Streltsy Will Automatically Switch to Melee Attack when targeted by ranged units

As stated in the title streltsy will automatically switch to melee attack when targeted by ranged units. A friend and I saw a reddit post where streltsy appeared to be automatically using micro to dodge grenadier shots. In a custom game we where able to replicate it. We discovered that whenever a streltsy is targeted either by the unit ai under an a-move command or a manual command the streltsy will instantly switch to melee and approach the enemy. This does not effect many of the in game matchups other than making streltsy slightly worse as whichever one is targeted will stop firing. EXCEPT it also drastically changes the result of streltsy VS grenadier matchup in a 10 vs 10 with 0 micro on either side 7 streltsy ended up surviving.

Here is the link to the reddit thread which contains video evidence.


I’m the friend who tested this with @Kouriger. It is important to note that this behavior is triggered by ranged infantry and not by siege.

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This is a really interesting one. Thank you for pointing it out @Kouriger and @u60cf28! The team will check into it.

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