In general I liked the game, played the four civs avaliable through the stress test, and have some feedback rewarding several things.

Would be nice to have somekind of progression, things that reward us players for keep playing, reaching certain level or milestone, doing x event, etc. Skins, badges, banners, x cosmetics.

For example: Aoe 3 had levels cards/customizations in some civs, Northgard awards the player with Chieftain skins from completing the Main Campaing in x dificulty, and so on.

Compared with Aoe 2, its more balanced, easier to find and so on, but Personally I consider that most maps had more gold than stone. Would be nice if the ratio between stone and gold change in favor of stone or that stone mines had more stone in general compared with gold ones.

Would be nice to have the same ui help as any other building, showing the square that it uses and the grid while building them. Also that we could build over trees and forest.

Note: Maybe creating a bundle of harvestable wood nearby to not lose the resoruce.

I liked very much the system of outpost and keeps were we can upgrade them, and add weapons like arrows slits, balista and canons, unfortunatly maybe due being not yet a full release stone towers dont have it, but would be nice if they could be improved aswell.

Also to have other types like catapult towers, and being able to build them as “full” tower in a corner or middle wall section.

One of the greatest things of Aoe3 was without doubt the explorer heroes, would be nice if we could have them here too, as a tactical unit that helps in the battlefield but its not as powerfull as Warcraft 3 heroe.

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