Stronger Walls and Keeps (Realistic Overhaul Tuning Pakage)

Liked the ares covered by this Mod. Next to Arrows are the Stone Wall/Keep - HP improvements an interesting change to make them feel more realistic and also more viable. Especially the trade offs making this mod even more interesting:

  • longer build time
  • higher stone cost

What are you guys thinking, is that sth. what could be a thing in future?

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I prefer a fast game that stale one due to layers of impassable walls and granite keeps. if you increase the hp I will have to build more bombards and trebuchets to pass in certain places in a reasonable time, which will lead to longer times and probably to a siegefest. But it is also possible that if you increase costs and construction times no one will build more walls and keeps because they will prefer to invest in a mobile army instead. it’s just my opinion, glad to hear the opinion of others


I want to see walls and keeps built, and I want to see more siege play on top of the walls. They just look more dramatic and use one of the more innovative mechanics in AoE4 that’s different from previous AoE games (walls that you can go on top of).

On the flip side, I would also prefer faster games.

you are so right with the siege play. i mean this is sth. what was not possible in the other AOE titles and here we have a really good base what just needs to get improved!

Speedwise i´m pretty happy that it is not Starcraft fast to be honest^^

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I thinks the stone walls and keeps are to weak.

Part of the problem are the bombards which have very high damage against units and buildings.

Siehe play on top of the walls sound cool :slight_smile: