Strongest 4 player same civ team?

What would you say be the strongest 4 player team but all the same civ? Example: “Persians, Persians, Persians and Persians.” And also the other team have to be all the same civ. But has to be different civ to team one’s same civ.

Well, it depends on some map types. But let’s go with either Arabia or black forest. Arabia for open spaces, black forest for tight spaces, wall turtling, non rush. Take into consideration, trade can happen in this game.

I think the Persians could be a powerhouse. Due to TC douching. And also cheap trashbows late game. But what say you?

Magyars due to scouts -> Paladin + archers -> HCA

In no-rush blackForest, maybe Khmer with Elephants + BalistaElephants + scorpions, or maybe Persians for pure WE spam, or Celts/Koreans for their SO. Persians > Khmer > Celts > Persians? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen no-rush blackForest teamgames


Khmer are really strong. Franks as well. Of course, the map being lombardia helped a lot.

I guess you wanna have a flexible civ with good eco so I’d go with Khmer.

Any civ with a flexible tech tree - should at least have a good ranged and a good melee option. Preferably Paladin + Arb or maybe HCA. Something like Maya with Eagles and Plumes should be good as well.

Britons-Indians-Khmer-Mayans gg Arabia

All the same civ. Not different civs.

On Arena 4v4 Burmese or Portuguese.

All the same civ. Not other civs.

Or are you saying each civ the same civ and team?

Vietnames. Paper money 4 times!

Or cumans. 4 times mercenaries!

I think every civilization which has quality unit. Using advantage of Trade is good.(Trash isn’t important) Civilization like Portuguese good in water maps.

4 Turkish/Magyar Cavalry Archers, I like Turks more than Magyars because has good siege.

Elephant civs can be good but monks are dangerous. And they are slow.

Nice unique unit civs like Spanish, Burmese, Britons and Mongols can be really good.

Until you run into 4x Goths lol

Have done 3x Ports on Arena, it was a fun win

4 Saracens can be lethal. Flanks archer with +3 attack vs building and late game pocket with one of the best camel is a very good combo. Flanks player can sling their 200 stones to pocket. Pocket will get 140 stones which they can sell for additional gold and buy food or just keep to drop the 4th TC.

Massing flaming camels has no rival here

Always remember: Huns are Huns.

CUMANS x4, min 22 the 4 of them can mass knights +capped rams+kipchaks non stop.

Yeah that’s why cumans are dominating team games right now.

You need proper allies because I just lost my win streak in TG because my allies were retarded 11

Why has nobody mentioned Chinese? They would be by far the best option here… Strong eco plus one of best tech trees in the game.

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