Stuck on louisiana challenge

I’ve done the louisiana 50 states challenge 4 or 5 times now, and it refuses to complete. I’ve tried it with the dutch and the french.

This is the build 3 town centers on the bayou map. Is there something I’m missing, or is it broken?

Getting very frustrated.

U won all times/ resigned

yes, won all times, and left map.

Ok, finally realized its “build” not “have” 3 town centers. I guess since the limit is also 3, made me ignore the distinction. So, had to intentionally destroy and rebuild one (and then the enemy destroyed one, which they couldn’t bother doing in all the previous games…).

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The more you know…

Always do exactly what instructions tell you to do. For example there was one which needed 200 damage with settlers, well I did it with french and it didn’t count so I pick someone else who has settlers and it worked.


Oh thats why it didnt work for me… I see

It’s always better to do more just in case :wink:

I have 42% progress in this event.

These challenges are easy, but the tiring part is it takes so long. It’s a pity you can’t do 5 challenges a day.

Although there is nothing to complain about. Too few challenges would not give the DLC for free

I find it fun to do the challenges on 10 min treaty against the AI on extreme + random resources for extra meme, you can do some hilarious strats

Pick right age, use large resources, easy AI and handycapped 100% and resign if objective is done - quickest way.

I know :joy: :joy: :joy:

No porque sea gratis, porl a condincion de hacer el desafio significa que no te puedas quejar, si fue un DLC que le quito el sentido al juego solo para satisfaces a los Estados unidense

So you think the American developers of this game want as many players as possible to have their civ? For this reason they made an event up for free USA civ?

Some will pay, others will buy - the most important thing is that many people will have USA civ?

It sounds a bit very American. Buy our stuff or we’ll buy you.

La verdad, no me quejo mucho porque me encanta este juego, pero parte de porque me gusta este juego es por su contexto historico, la verdad cuando supe que salio el DLC de EEUU me dolio porque esperaba las expansion de africa sin embargo lanzaron un DLC de EEUU, Segun la lectura que se vee los desarrolladores buscaban que personas que suelen jugar otros juegos o solian jugar aoe3de se interesaran por el juego, por eso lanzaron el DLC de EEUU que fue un exito creo por lo menos en las ventas cerca del 50% o mas de los encuestados compraron el DLC, Pienso exactamene que el DLC fue hecho para atraer a jugadores radom y sobre todo para satisfacer la comunidad estado unidensa de este juego

Bueno tienes que hacer 50 misiones que a lo mejor 2/50 son entretenidas y ademas tener que hacerlas consecutivamente durante 17 dias, no fue algo muy grato la verdad, La unica gracia es que asi lo conseguiras gratis

The African DLC will come anyway :wink:

I think they made the USA DLC to increase the interest in this game among the US residents - after all, everyone is most interested in playing their nation in strategy games.

I have 42% progress in this event. In the afternoon I am thinking of doing today’s 3 challenges.

In my opinion, this event is cool. Maybe a bit too long and tiring, but it results in free DLC.

I wouldn’t buy the DLC with USA civ only (no Campaign and Historical Battles, too), but I’d love to get it for free.

I am very curious to see what it will look like on Steam. Will USA DLC be displayed in the library, and in what form will these DLCs be obtained (key, coupon -100% ???).

I have played several times and I am unable to achieve this achievement. I have tried everything, including deleting town and rebuilding towns to add up to more than 3 builds. Has this been patched to stop us from using ultra resources?

I doubt that, because I still do the challenges with Ultra resources and they work for me. I would suggest playing the challenge with a European civ just to be safe.