Stutter and Lag Bugs (Footage)

Game Version: Age of Empire 2 DE

  • Build: 101.101.36202.0 4819260
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Blume


  1. Units stutter indefinitely, within range of an enemy object, without attacking.
  2. Sudden game lag

Additional Notes: Due to the way the Ai is programmed, they will not attack a player that has a much higher score than them. To counter this, I have “Attack move” on loop, every 8 in game seconds. This can be seen very early in the video when the battering ram tries to run away, and then the “Attack Move” push kicks in, and it continues towards the objective. I do not believe this is the cause of the stutter, because the push is active in a very large area, and had been affecting the troops, leading up to their encounter with the objective. It was only when they came in range of any enemy that they began stuttering (again, it’s on an 8 second loop, so it’s unlikely the “Attack Move” push is the cause of the actual stuttering, and is merely there to prevent the enemy from running from battle and sitting their troops idly in their town).


I swapped all stone and fortified walls with Watchtowers and that KIND OF solved the problem. I have before and after footage here:

This means that the player will no longer have access to Stone, Fortified, or Palisade Walls, though.