Subscribe Failed Error message

When opening the game on Xbox as it gets to the play screen it has the error code C27T-1283039R01X000 414D53620060 with a notification that “subscribe failed” It Works on PC and on streaming but for some reason having issues after having installed the game on Xbox series X. Maybe because I played on a last-gen console through the cloud? Who knows.

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Exactly the same issue on PC (steam).
Right after update I was unable to enter the game until I removed Age of Empires IV folder in “my documents”.
But after that I met the issue mentioned by author.
Game reinstall, clean boot, c++ and GPU drivers reinstall not works.

Short answer:
found it’s more related to mods. If to click “OK” on messages many times, error should gone. Disable and unsubscribe from the mods you’re not currently using. Keep in mind the amount of required “Ok” clicks equal to the amount of enabled mods.

Long answer:
Apparently, this problem occurs when deleting or desynchronizing the local Age of Empires folder from Documents and the cloud version.
I don’t know why this happens. Perhaps there is some token by which all mod updates are fetched from the server. And when such token deleted, the requests fail, which leads to the appearance of an error window.
I believe that such bugs are unacceptable and should not have occurred provided that each team does their job well: the GUI/UX designer should understand that the user may see several error messages at once and allow the user to close them all at once. Moreover, error messages about failing to get mods should definitely not appear during a battle.

Honestly, this was an extremely frustrating experience - to spend 4 hours in my weekends to do my work again (I’m working as software tech lead in an IT company).

Hope you guys can fix this issue and respond users much faster - there are 21 hours without any response in this topic