Subtle full screen white overlay when any building is selected

  1. Version: 5.0.20249.0

  2. Issue description:
    When ever a building is selected, the whole screen shows a subtle yet noticeable white overlay (UI seems not affected).
    It looks like it’s related to range indicator, but this thing appears all over the map and regardless of the building type.
    It is present wherever you are looking at, near or far away from the selected building.

  3. How to reproduce:
    Select any building.
    The whole screen shows a some what subtle white overlay.
    UI seems not affected. Only the gameplay part (unit, terrain, etc)
    De-select the building or select troops instead, the overlay disappears.

  4. Screenshot:
    First screenshot, a house far away from the camera was selected.
    Second screenshot, a scout was selected.
    Switching between two screenshots will make the issue easy to be seen.

Side note:
If the player likes to switch between troops and buildings selections very frequently, the screen flickers like hell.
This is especially noticeable when watching pro players streaming.

Thank you for reporting @petwon32! The team is aware and looking into it. Much appreciated!