Success of AoE DE

Hey all,

Does anyone have stats on how well AoE HD is doing? Number of copies sold? Number of players usually online? etc. etc.

I’m curious because the success of this, I believe, is a big factor into how they proceed with the future of AoE.

AoE DE or AoE 2 HD

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AoE II HD - very well
AoE DE - poorly


I expect it’s doing very poorly - the devs gave up on it a month or so after release and never really attempted to fix the abysmal pathfinding and numerous other problems.

They never released it on GOG or STEAM - the two most popular digital distribution platforms, and forced people who want to play it to use their awful Microsoft store. Very few people want to use it because it’s awful… like most things Microsoft makes nowadays to be honest… so I’m sure it barely sold any copies.

Even the way this forum is built is weird, like it’s the cheapest forum you could buy or something. Basically everything about this game and everything surrounding it is just wrong.

At least they changed the forum some months ago… not sure if better than older one. But older one had its own bugs…

I guess the good thing aoe hd brought us is the new the civs, aoe 2 is one fire because of that (in voobly),
many tournaments are going on at the moment, especially ECL (60k $ tournament)

Sorry, I meant DE…