Successful gatherer achievement

I really have no clue how to get this. It says to place Sacred Artifacts at 10 resource drop-off buildings as the Japanese but I can only put down the Sacred Artifacts at the church and not any other buildings. How does this work?

Wow this took a long time to figure out.

So do the normal 1v1 easy.
Build Floating Gate - Age Building. Has to be this one not the other one. This will produce Shinto Priest that have a Yorishiro. (You’ll notice the Priest carrying a wood box, this is different from a normal Shinto Priest). On Xbox these units will have a new option under RT, called Place Yorishiro. You won’t see this on the other Priest unit so thats why this whole achievement easy to miss.

You essentially have to place these on resource buildings. Lumber Camp, Forges and Farms. I don’t know if other buildings count. I destroyed buildings and built 10 different ones, and then placed Yorishiro at each one. You only get 4 Yorishiro but they respond every 2 min. Once you fall below the max. So add 4 destroy and repeat. I believe thats what worked for me.