Sudanese Dervish vs Eagle Runner Knights

Hi all,

I dont understand the damage output for this fight.
The Dervish deals 21 damage per range shot. But why??

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Hi, it is because all units with a multiplier vs Light Ranged Cavalry also have a matching hidden multiplier vs Eagle Runner Knight specifically (Eagle Runner Knight acts as the Aztec equivalent of Light Ranged Cavalry units).


It still doesnt work then…

If I take that multiplier for the light range cav then the dervish should deal 28 damage minus the 30% Range resist of the ERK which is 19,6. So why 21 then???

Dervish deals melee damage as indicated by the sword. Range resist does not affect it.
You also forgot to apply the 0.75x vs Shock Infantry.
14 x 2 x 0.75 = 21

Dervish deals melee damage when shooting from range 14? The whole African civs get more and more confusing to me… Are you aware of any other unit that shoots from distance but deals “melee” damage then…

Only other unit I remember acting this way is native rescued Tomahawk.

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so now eagle runner are heavy infatery too? because i checked months ago and cannons had no bonnus versus eagle runners.

No they arent. Canons kill them doubt to the small space between ERKs and their less HP compared to cavalry.
ERKs are shock infantry and light cavalry for bonus purpouses. They are affected by (range) cavalry team cards and the sweden one for range too.
They arent infantry neither, lancers dont get bonus vs them

so i use dragons to kil them and cannons and skirmish?

Infanteria pesada cuerpo a cuerpo y guerrilleros. El resto de unidades no tienen bonus contra ellos. Tambien puedes usar cañones por su reducido espacio entre unidades y bajos HP, pero no tienen bonus, pues no son infantería (el simbolo rojo)

Los dragones solo tienen bonus contra caballeria pesada como los husares, no contra otra caballerĂ­a ligera. Lo de las cartas de caballerĂ­a es porque afectan a ambos tipos de caballerĂ­a, pero una de ellas (la alemana creo) solo afecta a la caballeria pesado, por lo que no beneficia a los aguila.

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pero ellos son ifnateria de choque y el dragon si tiene bonus contra choque

No, solo contra infanteria de choque cuerpo a cuerpo, coyotes y chimues.
Tienes que ver a los corredores como verdadera caballeria, coyotes son pesada y los aguilas son ligera. FĂ­jate mejor en los bonus de caballerĂ­a que son menos confusos.


its worth mentioning that the french home city card “ranged infantry attack” affects them, but yes they are not infantry or heavy infantry, just a weird dragoon unit