Sudden Death - Add as a Ranked Game Mode

This morning I was watching a sudden death show match and realised how fun it would be to have in ranked games (can’t build extra tc’s, if your tc dies its game over). It changes the dynamic of the game and puts more focus on aggression and military . For lower Elo players this would be a lot of fun and lends itself to faster games. Ignoring booming will be really helpful for lower Elo players and let them practise composition and micro more. I can only think of Britons and Bulgarians losing out on civ bonuses (tc building bonuses). Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think it’d matter too much if those two civs got picked less for 1 game mode (they wouldn’t be useless anyway). Cumans will lose second tc in feudal, but I think that is balanced by still being able to use rams in feudal, which is huge for Sudden Death. what are your (polite and respectful) thoughts on this?

Yes it would be cool if there (sometimes) was a Sudden Death matchmaking que.
Implementing it without cluttering the interface might be tricky. A cluttered interface would probably greatly decrease the popularity of the hard-to-reach&understand ques.
I don’t think Britons or Bulgarians would need an extra bonus - Britons have a treb UT and Bulgarians have Kreposts. Both of those are probably better than eg Indians.

About Cumans: “How about Cumans can build University or Monastery?” does not works because to advance Imp you need 2 Castle Age buildings or Castle, if you add that there is 1 Castle Age building for Cumans. Wood bonus allows Cumans to easily make Siege Workshop.

To me give Stone and Fortified Walls to Cumans and Stone walls to Goths because no-one wants to see Eagles/Paladins/Lancers/Tarkans suddenly destroy your TC. Or removing Stone Walls from everyone makes more sense, because it’s Sudden Death.

Let’s don’t change any civ bonuses if it doesn’t makes a civ too weak. Because Persian TC work rate is makes difference vil numbers. If we need and buff every civilization this bring us completely different and new balance.

yeah for sure. Changing bonuses for a game mode isn’t a good idea, I agree. I like the idea of no stone walls for anyone in Sudden Death, makes a lot of sense and makes the game mode more unique.

Not sure how popular this game mode will be. To be a success in the ranked games, it needs to have a decent player base. Otherwise it is some kind of game mode for the lobby.

I have seen a suggestion from Zero Empires to introduce some brawl mode. Every month or so it will have a different setting. This might be an option. That would means Sudden death is also part of that rotation.


Yes that’s true. I see it as a entry level mode for newer players, as it simplifies the build. So I could imagine it being popular with them. I’ think there a lot of players in general that would enjoy a mode that is shorter/simpler. I feel as though lobbies aren’t good for new players with completely unbalanced teams constantly (from my experience), so getting into Ranked against equal opponents may help to retain newer players.
I guess it feels in line with the super accessible new BR game mode. Like the step between BR and RM.
a nice bridge.

I think brawl mode is a brilliant idea. Would really keep things fresh and exciting.

What do you think about DM being in ranked? I don’t know anyone who plays it and have never seen pro’s play it on YT/twitch. seems a bit redundant to me but maybe loads of people do play it, not sure.

I feel like DM is not popular enough to have its own ranking, but DM is lucky for being popular in the past, years ago. So their history explains why the devs made DM ranked too.

It’s nice for the DM people. I’ve used the DM que for a few games and it worked well as far as I could tell.

However, it takes up a lot of ‘space’. I think that that space could be used for the benefit of a lot more people if it was used for various niche opt-in ques. Probably no more than 9 or so ques could be accommodated, but 9>1, and not all 9 ques would have to be the same every map cycle. I suspect even extremely niche settings would find an audience if they were only available for 2 weeks.

I’d like to play the occasional game of Forrest Nothing, Death Match, Sudden Death, no-wall mod, experimental balance mods, Black Forest Vikings Mirror, wonder race, and various other strange modes. I know some other people would like to be able to play Castle Blood Automatic. This is all in principle possible withing the lobby system, but automatic match-making gives a much better experience. Certainly my Death Match games have been much better than my Forrest Nothing game.

There was DeathMatch World Cup with decent prize pool (10k) in July and some pros (Vipers, Tatoh) also participated. Viper won the tournament and he uploaded his play in YT.
It is not popular game mode but also have some competitive playerbase to in Ranked mode I think. Maybe long history of that mode also can help to include in Ranked.

[[quote=“IICumanicus, post:3, topic:107448”]
About Cumans: “How about Cumans can build University or Monastery?” does not works because to advance Imp you need 2 Castle Age buildings or Castle, if you add that there is 1
This is offtopic but the Siege Workshop counts as both a Feudal Age buildng and a Castle Age building for the Cumans for the purpose of ageing up.