Suggest feature adjustments for interface and menus here

Hello all,

Title says it all, this is a thread about improving the UI and out of game menus. I’ll start:

-I would like to see the ability to select multiple saved games at once for deletion. Since the cloud clogs up so fast, it would be nice to be able to empty it fast as well.

-Allow secondary keybinds to be assigned. Many other games do this, even back to the early 2000s. Ex. Select idle villager could be on Shift+A as the main keybind but also set to Ctrl+A. Its a small feature but good for quality of life, lets you test out new keybinds without having to freak out because you cant find it- if things get hectic the old one is there to help. Also creates a backup for people who have unreliable equipment, deal with occasional inability to reach further keys for medical reasons, and other QOL reasons. More than anything else: Because it hurts absolutely nobody and helps somebody.

-Place a little preview window so you can see what the change you’re making in the menu will do in game. You might want something and not even know it.

-Stop the ~3 seconds where you cant control your game if your cloud is full. It will not let you click to accept for several seconds for some reason. If you saved during a fight, you have to reload to start at that moment because you just lost that fight due to the menu.

-Minimap size slider and resource icon color customization. If you really struggle seeing gray. on that tiny map for stone then make it fluorescent pink for yourself. If wood is everywhere make it black so you know where you can actually traverse. Overall its just too hard to see for some people though, and needs to at the very least be given some sharpness to it.

Just some ideas. I welcome feedback on them, and your ideas too. You may not like some of these and that’s fine but I ask you to please look at things through this lens:: Does this improve the game for someone, especially those with disabilities, and does its implementation hurt anyone? Is it unfairly slanted towards anyone, or does it help people play the game more easily and deal with tedium less? Try to temper your criticism with that in mind instead of a tirade about how you feel personally about using it yourself.

Thank you for your time, and good luck out there.